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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Ramblings

Desperate time call for desperate measures.  At the end of a long packing and moving day we seriously needed a good stiff drink only our measuring cups were packed.  No worries, the baby bottle cap worked just fine.  Course we could have just winged it. ;)

Don't you wish you could still play in a cardboard house?

Octopus or weird floam alien?

If you really look... it looks like a puppy.  Not bad for my almost 3  year old. 
He only ever seems to make puppies. ;)

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  1. I like the foam creations!

    If I could I would take a book and a pillow and sit in my "box" and read and read!! :)

  2. Yes, I wish I could still play in carboard houses. What exactly do I have to buy to get me one big enough?

  3. i like rambling...
    Great job,.... Thank you for sharing this post...


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