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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I'm listing to my son make a YouTube video right now.  Apparently, he's doing the sour candy challenge.  Every time he falls off his "skateboard" online he has to eat an extreme sour warhead candy.  I've seen him play.  He's going to run out of candy.  The funniest part of him playing these games though is listening him narrate the game while he's playing.  He's trying to play it extremely cool and nonchalant but it cracks me up.  It's like he's talking to a cooler version of himself.

Last night he and his sister did the same challenge playing another game while recording it.  They still had sores in their mouths when they woke up this morning.  Sometimes you just gotta let them do stupid things.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

5 Tips to Save You From Being Hacked

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We had a devastating blow just before Christmas.  Perhaps devastating isn't exactly the right word. After all, it was only money we lost, not a life.  Yet, it's been money we had been saving for over 9 years.  You see, we had one of those travel reward credit cards.  Through the good times and bad times and well, let's face it the last 9 years have been lean times for us so every time we added to our reward points, it gave us hope that we'd be able to take our children to Disneyland one day.

That was all wiped out this past December, when we discovered that our account had been hacked and some random stranger drained our entire rewards account to nothing.  We are talking about $6,000.00 absolutely gone.  I can tell you it knocked the wind right out of me.  My husband and I were in complete disbelief as we processed what happened.  We tipped-toed around the children, frantic whispered conversations, as we tried to keep them from hearing the terrible news.

How did it happen?  My email account was hacked.  That's it.  By somehow guessing my password, the thief was able to go through my emails and glean little pieces of information that would guide them on best how to steal from me.

Not only was my rewards credit card hacked, they also managed to log into my rarely used Ebay account and set up a number of fake auctions.  In that case Ebay was suspicious and shut down the auctions.  Can you imagine the liability I would have been under if the auctions had been allowed to go through?