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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Window Treatment Quandary?

The plans are that we are going to paint.  Of course that has to wait until the weather picks up as there is no way I am about to be stuck inside with paint fumes and three kids.  Oh my.  

However, in the meantime I've been trying to make curtains that I had in the other house work in this one. They left some curtains behind but I can't tell which looks better and quite frankly I really don't like either of them.  I feel that it looks a little dated, maybe.  But as I am not fashion designer, I thought maybe I'd ask for your opinions on them. 

These are the curtains that were in the house when we moved in.  They are dark green, puffy sort of valances. 
They were also covered in about 2 inches of dust so I had to take them down to clean them.  The counter has different greens in them so I guess that's why she picked them. 

This is what I threw up quickly to see if it worked.  Is it just me or do them seem to plain? 

Now I had bought these from the local thrift store and threw them up in the old place just to have something up for showing the house.  The jury is still out on whether or not I like them.  Keep in mind that this is a plain eating area which merges into the kitchen and family room.  

Any suggestions?  

This is what we have in our more "formal" living room.  Maybe I'm just leaning towards this style of window decor.  These curtains came with the house as well and a lovely burgundy, crushed satin kind of feel. 

This is just a side window.  The front room window is larger and has a lovely wooden centre piece to carry the fabric across the window.  Now I have watched those home decorating shows and some of them say shears are totally out of style.  Yet the window needs something.  When we have the blinds open this no privacy so I thought a lace curtain underneath would be just the thing.  Any suggestions? 


  1. I'm not big on the puff valance thing, so I like the other ones better. I could understand why those kind of blend into the white all, but with a few decorative touches or paint, I think they will be fine.

    As for the side living room, it would depend on your style and what is out the window. I think blinds plus lacy curtain plus the fabric would be too much.

    Of course, I can't talk since we lived in our last house four years and I hated the window treatments and never got them replaced.

  2. ahhh that's why it doesn't look quite right. the walls are too white. in our hold home we had yellow/gold sort of walls. thanks fae.


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