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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Op Friday - Move Memories

Gearing up for the big move.  Literally only two spots were left open on the couch.  

The moving truck moving us in.  Like I said the guys were great but someone somewhere dropped the ball when they decided to send the wrong size truck. It took extra long for them to try and piece it all in the truck, they charged us a fuel surcharge for the second truck when it wasn't our fault they needed a second truck, then we ended up paying for their lunch break.   It should not have taken more than 4 hours each day and when we called and talked to the sales rep about it she said she'd get back to us but never did.   How's that for customer service?  You know every one always says they will do their best for you and in the end once they've got your money.. that's pretty much it.  

This is what we were greeted with when we got here.  This is the water stain on the ceiling.  We contacted the home inspector, he completely missed it so he said it's his responsibility.  He will be coming back to help us get it all fixed.  Hopefully, for free.  We still have to nail down the details. 

Still we are in our new home and we are loving it, warts and all.


  1. Look at your little one squeezing on the couch! What an adventure it must be to him!

    I hope the inspector does right by you all and gets everything fixed at no cost!

  2. I hope the home inspector is better at fixing his mistakes than the moving company. Bastards.


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