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Friday, October 9, 2015

Do You Know How Lucky You Are?

Judgemental_mum_476x290I am extremely tired of parents of so called “normal” children who choose to remain ignorant about what it must be like to have a special needs child.  They sit on their little thrones and pass judgment on these children who don’t fit the norm.  A kid acts up in the hallway, they roll their eyes at the other parents in the hallway.  They will even stand around and say things like “God, that kid is a nightmare.”  When a parent was confronted by her child’s continually bullying of another child, her basic response was “But my kid thinks your kid is weird”.  And…. that justifies what?

In a casual conversation about picky eaters from sensory issues, one parent pipes in with kids should eat what they’re given or go hungry.  When I tune in with that it’s not always possible to be rigid like that because of sensory issues it waved off with a “bah, I don’t believe in that stuff.”  You don’t believe in that stuff?  It’s not like we’re talking about the tooth fairy or Santa Clause.  Thousands of children are just making it up and their gullible parents are buying into it?  I also see that your child is being given a weight belt and ear phones during class time to help keep him grounded.  Oh right, you don’t believe in that stuff so the teacher shouldn’t be helping him. Wiggle seats – throw those out the window.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Life on the Spectrum

aspergers-disorderAs my daughter gets older, it gets harder to walk the line of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour.  When she was 5 or 6, a tantrum or excessive display of anger or frustration was easier to sweep under the rug and just chalk up to her age; however, disrupting the outburst may have been.  But then when she was 5 or 6, we didn’t know she was on the Autism Spectrum. 
When she’s 12; however, explosive outbursts and stomping of feet is no longer so easier to ignore or let slide by.  Unfortunately, now that we know she has Aspergers it’s not like we suddenly have deep wells of patience.  We get just as much pissed off and frustrated by her behaviour as we do for the children without it. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Minecraft Birthday Party

Has Minecraft taken over your household?  It certainly has mine.  I was completely resistant at first to the whole idea of Minecraft.  At first I thought it was some sort of fighting or war game which I refuse to allow my children to play.   However, my husband researched Minecraft and with the help of the neighbour children, it was explained to me that playing Minecraft in creative mode is about building and exploring only.  So while it may be harmless fun, I’m not sure about the hours that my son plays building and them blowing things up.  I don't really get the attraction but there it is.

So when my soon to be 8 year old wanted a party it had to be Minecraft.  Fortunately, it was a pretty easy theme to decorate for what with pixelated graphics, a black, green and brown colour scheme.  Of course, my first start is to check out Pinterest for ideas and a quick visit to Party Palace to see what was available.