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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Romantic Movies Series - Mansfield Park

I wanted to share some of my favourite romantic movies with you.  Some of them you may have heard of or seen, some of them you may not.  If not, I hope by this post to inspire you to go out and rent the DVD.

Today's Pick - Mansfield Park

More specifically the 1999 adaption novel starring Francis O'Connor.  

Written by Jane Austen in the 1800s, this movie is about a young girl is taken from her family to go and live with her wealthy aunt and uncle thereby decreasing the burden on her poverty stricken parents.  Fanny is brought up among her 4 cousins; however, is taught that she is and always will be less than they are and certainly not their equal.  Despite the coldness of the family  Fanny grows to be a mature young woman and manages to claim a friend in one cousin at least, that of Edmund.  

The story is primarily about her life, love and struggles within the Bertram household.  While I may have to step down off my Purist rant soap box because this movie is not strictly true to form.  This Fanny Price is certainly a lot more active, healthy and attractive than Jane Austen's depiction of her but oh Patricia Rozema's script has made it so much livelier than any of the original versions.  It is for this, for the score, the costumes, the scenery alone that I have allowed it to become one of my favourite films despite my earlier misgivings and criticisms of it.  

So here are a few of my favourite quotes from the film.   Btw, the last quote is a bit of a spoiler if you are not familiar with the story so don't read that one if you're planning on watching the movie. 

Edmund:  Fanny, don't be foolish.  It is raining. 
Fanny:  I see more distinctly in the rain. 
Edmund:  It's just a silly ball. 
Fanny:  I'll not be sold off like one of your fathers slaves, Edmund. 
Edmund:  Aw, don't be an imbecile.
Fanny:  Oh but imbecility in women is a great enhancement to their personal charms. 
Edmund:  Fanny, you're being irrational. 
Fanny:  Yet another adornment, I must be ravishing.  
Edmund:   Fanny, you really must being to harden yourself to being worth looking at. 

Mr. Crawford:   Do you know I wish to rent the parsonage?  I wish to continue improving and perfecting my intimacy ... with you.  Fanny, you have created sensations which my heart has never know before. 
Fanny scoffs:  please. 
Crawford:  There is only one happiness in life:  to love and be loved. 
Fanny:  Mr. Crawford, do not speak nonsense. 
Crawford:  Nonsense? 
Fanny:  You are such a fine speaker that I'm afraid you may actually end in convincing yourself. 
Crawford:  Fanny! You are killing me. 
Fanny:  No man dies of love but on the stage, Mr. Crawford.  
 Edmund: Fanny, I must confess something. 
Fanny:  hmmm?
Edmund:  I've loved you all my life. 
Fanny:  I know, Edmund.
Edmund: No, Fanny.  As a man loves a woman,
                   as a hero loves a heroine,
                   as I have never loved anyone in my entire life. 
 I was so anxious to do what is right that I forgot to do what is right but if                                               you choose me after all my blundering and blindness well, that will be a happiness which no description could reach. 


  1. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a great Friday!!!! :)

  2. How FUN! He also acts in the new Emma by the BBC. I just purchased it at Costco and loved it.

    Just stopping by to thank you for visiting me on my SITS day and leaving me some blog love! Everyone was so sweet and I really enjoyed the day!


  3. Thanks for remember this movie. It's so romantic and emotional. These scenes you choosed, are to for remind forever. Thank really!

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