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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4 Awesome Essential Oils You Won't Want to be Without This Summer

Hooray, it’s officially summer! I’m looking forward to the warm weather and being outside more and spending time sitting by the pool watching the kids swim.  How about you? Although, I do have to admit that there are a few things about summer that can be a pain…like bugs and sunburns. 
You probably know by now that I LOVE LOVE my essential oils but you might not know that I do actually use them every single day.  I have even started hosting classes regularly, so I can get together with friends and talk about how these amazing oils work.
(Of course, all the oils I’m talking about in this post are from Young Living and are therapeutic grade.)
In my Summer Essential Oils Class, these are some of the oils that we talk about it and top my list of: 

4 Awesome Essential Oils You Won't Want to be Without This Summer


One of my favourites for summer is Purification. I love the smell.  It works great as a bug repellent but also has many more uses.  For instance, there was a grease spill in the oven the other night and boy did it smoke up my house and make everything stinky.  I quickly loaded up my diffuser with a couple drops of Purification oil and turned it on.  After about 20 minutes, the stinky smoke odour was gone. Yay!

To read more about Purification essential oil or to purchase click the image. 


Lavender is known as the Swiss Army knife of all the oils and can be used for almost anything.  If you don’t know what to use for something you can always try Lavender.  It works great for seasonal sniffles (when combined with peppermint and lemon) but also works to soothe burns and blisters

To read more about Lavender essential oil or to purchase click the image. 


Peppermint Vitality

My go-to oil for a headache or tummy troubles is peppermint.  Just the smell alone is uplifting.  Peppermint is considered a hot oil but can be used to help you cool down after a hot day too when added to a little witch hazel in a spray bottle. It's also the perfect combination to cool off tired, achy feet.  Just be sure to use a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil when applying directly to your skin.

To learn more about Peppermint Essential Oil or to purchase click the image. 

Lemon Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Lemon just screams summer.  By adding citrus oils (lemon or Citrus Fresh) to my water bottle {glass only}, not only am I encouraging myself to keep hydrated with tasty water but I’m also profiting from all the health benefits lemons give us. Not only does it boost your energy but by diffusing it in your home it can boost your mood.

Also, using Lemon essential oil in your water won't erode the enamel on your teeth.  

To learn more about Lemon Vitality Essential Oil or purchase, click the image. 

Here are some great recipes to mix up and have on hand throughout the summer:
After Sun Spray

Bug Repellant Spray

Ditch the Itch Roller

What are your favourite oils for summer?

Where to Buy Essential Oils?  

It is really important to know that you are getting therapeutic grade quality essential oils. Not all essential oils are created equal.  For more information on essential oils and why I chose Young Living - check out this link.