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Friday, October 25, 2013

Saying Thanks with Style

I have to admit when it comes to sending out "Thank You" notes, I'm a bit of a slacker.  If it weren't for my mother nagging gently reminding me, my wedding gift thank you's would never have been sent.  In fact, my youngest child is 6 1/2 and I have yet to send out thank you's for my shower gifts. As it was all family, I pretty much figured I had thanked them in person and gushed over their gift enough that I didn't need to send out extra thanks.  Plus I had my hands full with three small children. 

There are times; however, when a Thank You note is expected and even when it's not expected, that extra little step really shows your appreciation.  Of course, to avoid procrastination, it's always handy to have a few blank cards on hand. 

I recently received a sample of Hallmark Canada's new stationary line "That Sky Blue".  Made in Montreal, Quebec, these lovely letter pressed note cards are elegant and modern (made out of 100% recyclable materials) and evoke a beautiful vintage look and feel.  They retail at about $9.00 for a pack of 10.   There are many styles and designs available.  

When is it appropriate to send a "Thank You" note? 
  • When you receive a gift.
  • When you’ve been a houseguest in someone’s home.
  • When someone has done a special or particular favor for you.
  • After attending a job interview (this depends on the job industry you're applying in).
  • After receiving a promotion or payrise. 
  • After a business lunch, dinner or party.
How about you?  Do you send out Thank You cards?

In the Mommy Trenches

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Goody Bag

Everybody knows that kids only go to each other’s parties for the goody bags.  Drop a kid off at a party and you can bet they are eyeing up the table holding the Goody Bags.   

Depending on the party and how “together” the hosting mom is, Goody Bags can hold some serious swag.  Which, of course, makes the rest of us "last minute" moms envious.  However, most parties we end up going to hold a lot of junk from the dollar store.

Don’t get me wrong.  I fill my Goody Bags at the dollar store too.  After all when you’re hosting 10 plus kids you’re lucky to keep the cost under $10.00.  OMG.  That’s $100.00.  No way I spend that much.  At least I hope not.  Crap.  Seriously, parties can get out of hand even when you’re poor. 

This last party my daughter went to the good bag contained zero toys, just candy.  The bag was so full the paper ripped a little when they went to close it.  At first I was like, seriously?  A whole bag of candy?  Then I did a complete 360.  This mom is sooooo lucky her kid has an October birthday party.  So easy to take advantage of all those Halloween candy specials. 

Not only that, the bag was so full it seemed endless to my daughter and she had no problem doling out treats to her sister and brother.  She even was happy to share a treat with mom.  By the next day all the candy was gone and I had no crappy little toys kicking around the house.

So I’m thinking next party, candy, candy and more candy is the way to go.  How about you?


Monday, October 7, 2013

It Starts With a Wheel

It starts with a wheel

It may not be pretty.  It certainly isn’t new but it’s mine.  Color me ecstatic!

Two years ago I threw my first pot and alas the clay bug got it’s teeth in me.  I say alas for I had no financial means of carrying on.  For two years I have yearned to get my hands back into that glorious wet clay. 

After what seems to me as a very long wait, I finally have my first pottery wheel.  Nay, I have my first pottery studio.  Courtesy of my dad.   It was while on a trip together a couple of weeks ago that I had mentioned to him of my dream of getting a pottery wheel.   A quiet man he didn’t say much at the time but began looking out for one for me and he decided that there was no point in getting a wheel without getting a kiln too.

When he first brought it up to me, I sort of brushed him off.  After all that’s not why I mentioned it to him.  He certainly has his hands full coping with the loss of my mother and getting his financial situation straightened out. 

A proud man, my father, he does not let go easily.  When you have a strong, quiet and proud man for a father, it is very difficult to argue with him.  To refuse him on the basis of money would be to wound his pride and give offence. 

My brother helped my dad find a lady who was selling off her equipment.  She’s retired and no longer fully able to sit at a wheel.  The day before my birthday my dad lures me down for a visit because he wants to show me something.  Of course, I had an inkling of what he was up to but I went along with it anyway. After all, I really did want a wheel and part of me was urging my practical part of me to accept the gift. 

 When I met with  she told me that I reminded her a bit of herself.  That when her father died her mother had given her the money to buy a wheel and get started.  Of course, her story resonated with me but I couldn’t tell her a word of my own particular story as my dad was right there and I knew he’d rather not talk about my mother’s death to these strangers.

That is until the day we picked up the equipment.  The lady told me that she was so glad I was getting her stuff.  She was giving it up with a pang but felt that it was going to the right home and hoped that the story of how she came to acquire her pottery stuff meant something to me.  In a quick moment as my dad left for his own vehicle, I was able to share with her just how much her story did mean to me. 

With tears in her eyes she pulled me into a quick hug. My last vision of her as we pulled out of the driveway was of her waving us off through the rain.  

Nothing was more satisfying when I finally got my own little home in order long enough to slip out to the garage to sit at my wheel.  

Now I simply have to wait for the clay to arrive so I can begin.