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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thank God for techy friends!

I am officially back online.  I can now surf, blog, comment from any point in my home again.  I will not have to  lie on my bedroom floor to snag a quick trip online.  One which I wasn't really able to do without leaving the children completely unsupervised. While they are mostly good these days... they are still not all good.  If you have a boy under 3, you know what I mean.

Thanks to K and L for dropping by last night.  Our first real visit in the new home with our friends.  They had moved to the area the year prior to us so we had all been waiting for the past year for things to fall into place.  It will be so nice to visit with them on a regular basis again.  K is an IT and so he was able to figure out what was wrong with the settings etc.  I'm still not sure what all was the problem but I do know my husband said that it was what he thought was wrong with his computer.  Yeah. Right.   That's why it was fixed, right? 

Things are settling in well.  I have made good progress on getting the boxes unpacked and out of our bedroom and the kitchen as well as the toy boxes piled in the hall.  It's not done though.  I have a garage full of crap   stuff to sort through and decide what's going and what's staying.

E is so far enjoying school and is eager to go to a family movie night at school this Friday.  Hubs has volunteered me for that job as O is really too young to take.  Oh joy.  I'm not great meeting new people at the best of times never mind throw me in with an entire school full of strangers.  But.. I have to suck it up because after all we expected E to do it when she started her new school.

J is asking us daily about going to school.  I just don't know if we can afford it.  Money is so tight.

K is eager to finish potty training O so he decided while I was at work on Sunday to take away pullups.  Well that was all fine and dandy.  But the problem is the bathroom on this floor is out of service until K fixes it.  So that means my little peeing potty training boy has to run all the way upstairs to go when the urge hits him.  Still, he said it went fairly well with only small accidents so I thought okay I'd get on board and work with O on Monday. 

Things went well for most of the day. He only wet himself once and that just a little bit until..... dinner time of course.  I am trying to get supper ready, K is late and O has repeatedly refused my suggestions that he try to go potty.  I had just heard him upstairs and found out that he had wet himself a little but went the rest on the toilet.  So I'm thinking okay, I should be in the clear to not worry about it until after I've cooked dinner. 

Yeah right.  Do you have any idea how big a child's bladder can be?  No seriously, I want to know.  Because the next thing I know O's standing in a pool of pee on the floor that ran the length of my sofa to him turning and running his wet little foot steps over the rest of the non peed on floor and up the carpeted stairs.  Oh joy.  Did he not just go pee?  Did I not feel the evidence on his clothing and see it in the toilet?   When the water actually looks yellow, they've had a bladder evacuation of some significance.  I cannot help thinking of how dogs storing it up to mark their territory. 

So while I try not to be a nagging wife (don't laugh, it's true) I have tried to lay it down to my husband in the most least nagging way that the bathroom has to be a priority because I cannot potty train O until it's done.  For some reason my children all decide that dinner time is the perfect time to mortally wound themselves or put some sort of body fluids onto the floors and/or furniture.  That it's the perfect time to suddenly fight with each other when they had just spent the whole day peacefully playing together.. okay not peacefully how about semi peacefully with no hitting involved? ARRRGGGH  I cannot be cooking, refereeing the girls while keeping one ear open for O in the bathroom upstairs.  Cause you just never know... is he going potty, is he trying to see how much soap it takes to wash his hands or is he flushing something down the toilet.   That my friend's is my constant worry every since the stuck duck incident.  We had to lift the toilet. 

Back to the house.  I've decided that I am going to post a few photos of my decorating dilemnas in hopes of getting some of your advice.  We will be painting eventually but in the meantime  I'd like to have some curtains up.  I just can't decide whether or not I like the ones I have put up. 

So stay tuned for that. 


  1. God, I hate potty training. The bright side is you're on the last one. Good luck. On that and the house.

  2. Glad you are back online.

    I think kids bladders must be HUGE and they shrink with age. My daughter goes all night without going to the bathroom - like 12 hours! No way I could do that!!


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