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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getting Organized Tips with Barbara Reich

There's a definite theme going on around these days.   I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to get my life in shape and get more productive in 2013.  I'm talking in all areas of my life too.  So I was super excited to receive a copy of "Secrets of an Organized Mom" by Barbara Reich in the mail today.  I really could use the help!

I'll let you know my thoughts once I've had a chance to dive in but in the meantime, here are some tips from the organizational lady herself, Barbara Reich. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Healthy with Supplements–femMED

Pinned ImagePart of getting healthy in 2013 for me isn’t all about losing weight although that’s a big part of it.  There are many aspects of our health that all need to come together and basically become more balanced.  Where there is no balance, things start to fall apart.  That’s true about any aspect of our lives, not just our health.

Of course, being busy with children, work and all the cares that falls on our shoulders it is so difficult for us to find the time and the ways to care for ourselves.  How often do we put the needs of our families first before our own.  How many times do you put back a treat for yourself (like a new set of art pens) because you know the kids need new boots and the pens would be an splurge even though it might feed some creative outlet in you.  (Yes, I really did put the pens back and regret it although their boots look great).


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Having Fun With Valentines

So all the bloggy experts tell me that if I want to get a Valentine post submitted to search engines in time to actually show up in Valentine searches, it needed to be done like two weeks ago.  Nice thought and while I wrote it down on my “blog calendar”, as you can see reality has set in and I am now rushing through Valentine card production like my kids are on a chain gang. 

Thank goodness a trip a few weeks ago to the big City (to watch the Hobbit) meant a long awaited trip to Michael’s where they had all their Valentine kits 40% off. Of course, it was tough to decided on which kit to purchase since with three kids I needed to get the most decorations out of the least amount of boxes.

I chose these ones because each kit contains 32 butterflies that you can insert a lollipop into.  A far easier chore than last years hand cut heart butterflies with pixie sticks.  While they were cute, they were a lot of work.. for me.  So I’m glad I found these kits.  Not to mention the extra decorating sparkly form hearts and flowers are so plentiful that I’m saving one whole package to use on different crafts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron - Audio Book Review

What are #Treebobs?  Treebobs are little elves full of mischief and fun.  The latest release is titled THE TREEBOBS AND THE RUNAWAY CAULDRON.  
With their best friends, the fairies, the Treebobs enjoy nothing more than foiling the dastardly plans of the forest’s two resident witches, Badlot Barbara and Rotten Rena. Join in the madcap antics with the Treebobs newest concoction, as the fairies and wicked witches go banana bonkers when Rotton Rena's mother enters Rena into the great egg and cauldron race.  Poor old Rotten Rena just has to win or mother will not be pleased!
I recently had the opportunity to download and play this unique series for my children.  This series couldn't have come at a more opportune time as I had been wanting to find an audio series that we could play in the van on our road trips.  Not just any children's audio books would do.  The story can't be too long and it has to engage children of three different ages.

The stories in this series each run approximately 16 to 17 minutes, just long enough to play two stories on the way to Nana's.  As well, the silence that reigned in the van for the entire time the stories played speaks for it self.  I did find my oldest, who is 9, was the most interested in the stories as she was the first to beg for another story to be played.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Getting Fit in 2013

Every year I resolve to get more fit and #lose weight and it seems every year I fail.  This year; however, I am determined will be different.  I am approaching 42 this year and am tired of settling for second best when it comes to my health and fashion. 

I had to go back and re-write that sentence as I put fashion first originally.  Am I really that shallow?  I don’t think so, it just goes to show how much we take our health for granted. (and how tired I am of the selection of affordable clothes for weight challenged women)  Until a crisis strikes. You would think being diagnosed with diabetes two years ago would have a significant reason for getting my butt in gear.  Same goes for the high blood pressure I’ve been dealing with since the birth of my youngest.  Apparently regular exercise can help lower your blood pressure.  I kept it up for three weeks and now almost 6 years later, I’m still dealing with side effects from the medication that I am still taking.