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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I completely forgot I even had a blog. That's how spaced out and scattered I've been lately. I see my last post was about my husband's court date. Well, we had it, we survived it. We settled and have already received one half of the payment. If the other payment shows up and clears the bank on August 1st then we drop the whole thing. My husband is going the higher road by allowing her to pay us off so there's no bad mark against her company. I guess she's still trying to sell her store. So, he's happy, I'm happy and thank god that's over with.

We are still trying to sell our house. Although this last week it's been the most positive we've had so far. I just wish someone would make us an offer already. We've got E registered in kindergarten in our area already and if we're going to move, I'd really like to do it before school starts. Still I have so sort things out with my business partner. We haven't gotten too far with that. It's hard to find time to discuss.

The Movie business is actually doing not bad. It helps the weather has been so crappy. The weather is picking up finally but the heat wave drives people into the store almost as much as the rain does.

We celebrated our ninth anniversary last weekend by going out to a resort and doing a spa treatment and the whole dinner and stay the night thing. It was wonderful. The time was too short. The beach was lovely, we even got to sit on a wooden garden swing and gaze out over the ocean. It was just lovely.

AS for the novel. Nothing, nada, zip. I did some preliminary research, as in took out some library books regarding the time eras etc and I even started to write a little. I have gotten hung up though. Just the thought or the idea of putting down all that stuff on paper scares the shit out of me. I mean really it's a lot of work and effort to write an entire novel. I would start to think about filling out all those pages, flushing out the entire story and then I'd be like, oh my god, how I am ever going to do it. THen I'd read a truly wonderful novel and think, how could I ever write as well as that. Has my idea for a novel already been overdone? Possibly, probably.

So, I've allowed it to hinder me from going further into it. I will try again though, because after all Nora Roberts didn't start her career till one winter she was home with her young children. So I guess if it's in me enough, I'll get it out eventually. Some day I will just have to conquer that bad old fear of failure and get down to and try. After all, if you don't try you have nothing. On the other hand, if you do try and fail, you no longer have the possibility.

................ ta ta