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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Update from Work

Poor E was so sick all weekend.  At one point on Saturday evening she even freaked my mom out a little because her fever was so high.  I felt so bad because I wasn't there with her.  When my parents finally drove the girls up on Sunday I was so antsy to see them.  I've been away from my kids before but never when they were sick so I was surprised to find myself continuously looking out the window for them.  When they finally got there poor E's face was so swollen, not sure why, and she had developed a horrible sore under her nose from her cold.  She looked just awful. After another dose of advil she perked up and was more herself after that.  They were, of course, excited to be home and excited to see their own bedrooms. 

My parents whipped us into shape pretty quick and helped us get a head start on unpacking.  My mom's a whirlwind.  Before I knew it I had most of my kitchen unpacked.  I really appreciated it because sometimes everything is so overwhelming it's hard to focus on one task.  I am usually pretty task orientated myself but I also like to stop and chat with my visitors.  We had two neighbours stop by, one brought cake, the other brought flowers and we met the people across the street who also have kids. 

E ended up missing her first day at the new school but it was pretty obvious by Monday evening that she was definitely feeling better, her fever had been gone for over 24 hours and so she was ready to go back to school. 

Of course, being her first day at a new school we all got up early to walk with her to the new school.  I was a little surprised at how understated the school makes a new arrival.  Of course, her regular teacher was out sick so we only ended up meeting the substitute this morning.  But it was a here's your class, hang up your stuff and away you go.  That was it.  I thought she might have been a little nervous but she waved goodbye real quick and had no problems telling even the cross walk lady that we were "new".  *L*  She seemed to have a good first day and has already made a friend, the girl in the blue coat, who likes to pick up worms.  Ah, a girl after my E's heart.  I was a little disappointed to find that she is in a k-1 split class although the advantage is that when all the kindergarteners go home at 11:30, it's a smaller class with the afternoon teacher and she has two teachers.  One for the morning and one for the evening.  It will take a little getting used to.

We did have some people come look at the store on Friday.  They just loved it.  A little concerned about the drop in income in the last year, well, it's a recession people, but they really love the area etc.  So we shall see.  I am crossing fingers and toes. 

My first commute did not go all that badly but I can't imagine doing it for too long.  It may only be an hour drive but it's a real boring drive.  I am going to try and download an audio book for the drive home because otherwise I just might get sleepy.

As for the leak,  we don't know what we can do about it.  We've contacted the building inspector but I'm thinking that there is really nothing that can be done unless we have some kind of just cause to sue the previous owners, which would be more of a pain than it's worth to sue.  I am just hoping that it is a fixed leak and that all the issue is that we will eventually have to repair and repaint the ceiling.

I still cannot believe that these people left their house so dirty.  We've found socks, clothings, shoes, dental picks, pantiliners (not used thankfully), dog license, and even the info sheet on her birth control.  There is nothing that turns you off more than to open a drawer in the bathroom and find it filled with some else's hair.  yuck.  AND the carpets are much worse than we thought.  Still we have three small children, at least we won't have to stress about spills etc.  I think the biggest improvement we can make to the house is painting it.  Every where you turn it's either a dirty, scuffed wall or baseboards or it's a dented walls and scratches from their dog.    Still, we are in and it's out house.  Before we know it, it will feel like our home and as if we had always been there. 

The internet is still not working, mainly because we haven't had much time to figure it all out yet so it may be hit and miss for posting this week.


  1. Stopping by from SITS and wishing you a Happy Wednesday!!!!

  2. That first week all you can find our imperfections of your house. And finding hair in bathroom drawers is the worst. It makes me want to gag.
    My mom really whips things into shape when she is given the change. I had her paper my kitchen because I hate doing that chore the most. ;-)

  3. Glad you are getting things done! I thought our house was VERY un-clean when we moved in. I had to do some serious scrubbing!!

  4. I hate it when people leave their homes messy when they move out! I was super careful to clean my duplex from top to bottom when I moved out!


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