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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

5 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make With Your Children

Here are 5 of the easiest and prettiest Christmas crafts for you to make and enjoy with your family.  Nothing is more heart-warming than a Christmas ornament crafted with love.

5 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make With Your Children

A recent trip to the ER with my son and a sprained foot meant that he's been tied to the couch with his foot propped up all day.  To combat boredom and prevent the T.V. from being on the entire time, I have had to think on my feet and pull activities out of my mom bag.

If you're organized, this may not be so hard to do.  If you are more like me, who has recently purged all her craft supplies and a lot are packed up due to a laundry room reno, you will be scrambling.  Never, fear.  The internet to the rescue.  Here are a few of the easiest Christmas crafts I've found that needed little supplies.

Yarn Wrapped Star at Live Laugh Rowe

This Christmas craft was really easy and turned out super cute using just a spare piece of cardboard and leftover yarn.   I didn't bother with the glue, we just poked a hole through the top of the cardboard and after tying a knot in the yarn we pulled it through to secure it.  This craft only took about 5 to 10 minutes to do which was just long enough to keep his interest and yet turned out a decent craft at the same time.

Image from Live Laugh Rowe

Mini Yarn Hat Ornaments by Easy Peasy and Fun

If you have a December baby and are looking for an easy Christmas craft to do at their birthday party - this is it.  I have done countless crafts at birthdays over the years only to sincerely regret my choices.  This craft was super easy.  All you need to do is prep the cardboard rings and cut the string to the correct length ahead of time.  The girls sat quietly chatting while they worked on this craft listening to music.  It turned out super cute.

Image from Easy Peasy and Fun

Tissue Paper Wreath by Happiness is Homemade

Making tissue paper crafts is super nostalgic for me.  There is something satisfying about gluing and placing all those little squares of tissue.  A little more prep work for this craft but still super easy and few supplies needed.  Cardboard, tissue paper, and glue.  That's it. I would love to see this done in different colors.

Image from Happiness is Homemade

Easy Yarn Ornaments on Up Craft Club

These ornaments may look like they take some work but they are easier than making pom-poms.  I kid you not.  I have a ton of leftover yarn and can't wait to make these beautiful decorations.  The secret is scrunched up newspaper to create the form so you use less wool and it's less heavy as well.  Genius!

Image from Up Craft Club via Lissana

Yarn Ball Ornaments by All Things G&D

Another easy to do ornament using leftover yarn.  If you don't mind the mess of glue - you're little ones will surely love it.  Super simple to do.  You just need a few balloons, some yarn and a spot to hang the ornaments up to dry.  Whatever size you choose to make - these are sure to look lovely on the tree or as a hanging garland.

Image from All Things G&D

What are your favorite Christmas crafts to do with kids?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Why You Need to Support Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday
Did you know that it's Small Business Saturday today?  Every year, it falls on the day after Black Friday as a way of continuing the sales and getting the word out to consumers to support small business owners.

Why You Need to Support Small Business Saturday

Small businesses:  
  • form the backbone of our economy providing valuable services to consumers;
  • support the community by hiring employees; 
  • donate to causes like local charities and school fundraisers; 
  • support the local economy by spending their earnings in their communities;  and
  • help create a vision for the future of a community. 
I never intended to be a small business owner and actually fell into it rather by chance.  I had actually trained as a legal assistant and worked as one for 13 years when I became pregnant with my first child.  As always, life happens and circumstances change so I was glad when the opportunity came up for me to have my own small business and yet contribute to the family income at the same time. 

Running my own small business allowed me to stay home with my three children.  When my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism, I was able to cut back my hours so as to be able to take her to the therapies and support she needed.  Many times over the past few years, I have wondered how I would have been able to get my daughter to her therapies if I didn't have freedom in my work schedule.  I am sure any parent of a special needs child can relate. 

So when my daughter developed anxiety in the school system and needed more support, being my own boss, enabled me to make the choice to homeschool.  

My son tells me he's glad that I am home.  He feels secure in the knowledge that he knows where I am or will be.  That I will be there for him when he gets home. He won't need that security forever but for now, I can give that to him. 

Being a small business owner gives me that freedom! 

So I would urge you to look around and if there's some way you can, support a small business owner whether it's online or in a physical store.  You will not only have made their day but you have no idea what their personal circumstances are and what it means to have people support them. 

If you get good service - shout it from the mountain tops!  Let your friends and family know.  You just may have saved someone's marriage, been the means of a child getting to dance or one step closer to being debt free. 

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Aromaease - Enjoy the Ride

Friday, November 23, 2018

You Need to Take Advantage of These 2 Essential Oil Deals

I'm offering my own Black Friday flash sale on the Young Living Premium Starter Kit. This is the kit that changed my family's health!!

Black Friday Deals - You Won't Want to Miss

This is for those of you who haven't yet taken the oily plunge! 🌿 Today is your day!! You can grab your Premium Starter Kit PLUS get a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card!! All for the price of $160 US or $199.75 CAD



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You could take extra advantage of this Black Friday deal and get two diffusers in this package deal Young Living has created just for this sale!


Order this two diffuser kit and I'll send you not only a welcome package full or recipes and tips for using your oils but I'll also send you a reference guide - 150 Uses Fast and Fabulous from Life Science Publishing!

Why do we love this kit so much? Let me break it down for you: 

LAVENDER - Best sleep ever AND peaceful kiddos and mamas! 🌿

LEMON - This is a “cleansing” or “clearing” oil which is amazing for supporting wellness, but also awesome for the emotions. 🍋

FRANKINCENSE - This is a very “grounding” oil. Grounding oils are calming and bring down thoughts and emotions. 💗

THIEVES - This is the oil for a big ‘ol immunity support! You can use this proactively before you start the school day. 👊

PANAWAY - This is a great oil for so many things! Growing pains, after workout soreness, clumsy issues etc. PanAway is where it’s at!

DIGIZE - The BEST tummy oil! 💩

COPAIBA - This is an overall great oil and it’s kind of sneaky because it gets lost in the mix of oils!!! It’s great to support immunity overall. 😍

CITRUS FRESH - This is the oil for all the smells. Used for emotional support and for uplifting on hard and stressful days! Also, a really great compliment to lemongrass with stinky athletes! 🍊

RAVEN - This is the oil AMAZING rolled onto the chest during the fall and winter months! Also diffuse for a refreshing, calming aroma. 👃

PEPPERMINT - Not only does Peppermint Vitality help with digestion, it’s an AMAZING after dinner mint! Take in a capsule, or simply put a drop on your tongue! 👅

STRESS AWAY - Roll onto the wrists and neck for calming and relaxing

Share this amazing deal with your friends!! Friends don't let friends NOT be oily!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

4 Easy Ways to Avoid the Winter Clutter That Drives You Crazy

These tips are how I organize our winter gear so as to avoid the clutter that seems to happen just by having kids.


5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Winter Clutter That Drives You Crazy