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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey Coffee, Coffee – A Tassimo Review

TASSIMO T55 Opal Black A week or so ago I wrote a post titled Gas Station Coffee is Just fine For Me.  Well, who would have thought that that little rant would lead to me reviewing the latest Tassimo T55 in my own home. 

And let’s just say…. I’m in love.

Oh how I’ve longed to have one of these one cup brewers for quite some time, so when my store sold I bought the el cheapo travel sized version from Tassimo’s competitor. (We won’t name names here but it rhymes with *cough* smeurig.)  Sure it was fun, we had a variety of flavours to try out but it did fall a little short expectations wise.  It just didn’t taste as wonderful as the coffee we had tried at friends.  Not to mention the water just did not get hot enough which resulted in my boiling the kettle first and then adding the hot water to resevoir.

In fairness, this could be due to the fact that it’s marketed as a “travel-sized” brewer since it only holds one cup’s worth of water at a time.

Not so with the Tassimo T55.  First impressions were that it was sleek and compact.  I was expecting something a little bit bigger and was relieved that this brewer was not going to take up a lot of counter real estate.  I also was impressed with the packaging.  It too was compact with no fluff or filler to deal with. 

I have to admit it took some time to clean and set this baby up .  First it had to run through some sort of cleaning cycle 4 times and then the water filter (yes it has it’s own water filter) needed to have water run through it three times.  But oh, it was so worth it.  We bought Tassimo’s latte coffee which comes with 8 t-discs of coffee and 8 t-discs of milk.  It was so smooth and so delicious we absolutely loved it.  I really do think the water filtration helps with the coffee flavour since it helps filter out things like chlorine.  Besides the flavour the next biggest question is… did it get hot enough?  It definitely did, as it was steaming the milk I could see the steam rising from the machine.   I do wonder a little what exactly is in the “milk” because it doesn’t require refrigeration and it states specifically not to do so or freeze it for that matter.  Still it does taste delicious. 

I almost forgot to mention that another cool feature of this machine is that you can specify cup size.  Of course, I want to max out my pleasure from this baby and so far every cup I’ve made has been the “larger” cup.  It has a holder that you can use to raise or lower you cup up towards the dispenser so there isn’t any backsplash.  It comes completely out for larger cups and so far I’m thinking it might just stay that way.  For now anyways. 

Of course, hubs and I couldn't help doing the math. The average cup of coffee works out to between 50 – 75 cents depending on where you buy your t-discs.  Now if are a 100 cup a day coffee drinker, like my mother, sure this really isn’t the affordable way to go.  However, if you drink just one or two cups a day or have a bad coffee shop latte habit, this brewer will definitely save you money.  Priced at roughly just over a dollar, we’re talking about some serious savings. 

Check out Tassimo.com for more information on their machines and the variety of flavours.  Right now they have an offer going o:n:  when you spend over $60.00 the shipping is free.  Or you could enter to win your own Tassimo T55 brewer by stopping by Tassimo’s Facebook page. Right now Tassimo Canada is giving away one brewer a day plus $100 worth of T-Discs until August 24th.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to trying out other flavours of coffee and am planning on taking the Tassimo T55 with us camping.  I know, right?  We may not have a fancy smancy trailer but darn it we will have good coffee!

So… what’s in your cup?


*disclosure – In the Mommy Trenches received the above product for the purposes of conducting this review and did not receive any other compensation.  As always the opinions expressed herein are those of Zeemaid and reflect her true thoughts and experiences with the product*

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  1. How fun! Isn't it nice to try new things. I'd like to try the milk disc thing sometime. It sounds really nice.
    We have a Keurig. It was a Christmas present so it's going to be a while before it wears out. :P


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