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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Journey to Rainbow Island - Book Review and Giveaway

Journey to Rainbow Island written by Christie Hsiao

Journey to Rainbow Island is about an 11-year-old girl named Yu-ning who thinks her perfect life on Rainbow Island will never end.  That is until a nasty dragon called the Obsidigon returns from beyond the grave. Now her beloved island is in flames, her best friend has been kidnapped, and the island’s Sacred Crystals have been stolen.  Yu-ning has been chosen to embark upon the dangerous journey to the dark corners of the world to uncover secrets, find a weapon thought long destroyed, and recapture the seven sacred stones.

I love to read so when I am asked to read and review a book, I am quick to say yes even if it may be a little “young” for me.  This book is written for grade levels 2 through 7 but, as often is the case, proves just as entertaining for the grownups as it is for the children.

Having said that it did take me a little bit to get into the book.  While Christie Hsiao’s descriptions of the island and the children who lived there are beautiful, I did find myself tripping over the names of various people, places and creatures at first.  Words like Obsidigon and Metratron do not exactly roll off the tongue easily.  Still the story engaged me and it’s simple message of love and courage was carried throughout it.

I appreciated that the main character of the story was actually a young girl.  Girls today need to see that it is possible for them to lead and be leaders.  While Yu-ning certainly was young and often scared, she was able to find her courage and do what was right. 

While the premise of the book certainly sounds like it might be a dark one what with crystals and dark corners of the world etc, this book is not dark. Although some situations Yu-ning finds herself in can be dangerous, it is not overly graphic or violent.  There is one scene in the book which refers to the slaughter of animals by a woodsman which may upset younger children who are perhaps unaware of such things.  As well, if you object to sorcerers or wizards then this book is not for you or your child. 

I think overall Christie Hsiao’s vision to create positive, uplifting entertainment has been achieved in this story. I also feel that young readers aged 10 and up would appreciate this story the most. 

For more information on Journey to Rainbow Island and Christie Hsiao, you can check out her website at http://journeytorainbowisland.com/site/.

Available for sale now through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  

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