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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 2 of Potty Training

What we're not done yet?  Have I not published post after post about the ups and downs and frustrations of potty training?  Yes and Yes. 

Quite literally, I gave up.  The elusive potty training dream gave way to the realities of packing and moving.  I was then struck with the grass is greener on the other side syndrome.  That is, potty training would be easier in the new house because there is no carpet on the main floor.  Yup.  I had grand plans. We've been here, what three and a half weeks?

Still there is always the just getting down and doing it.  As previously posted we tried about two weeks ago but after the disastrous results I put my foot down and told hubby that I was not trying to potty train O until the toilet on the main floor was fixed. 

So of course, my husband ran right out and got the necessary things to fix the toilet.  Yeah right.  If you believe that, you are not married.  

It wasn't until that water stain spot on the ceiling (discovered when we first moved in) actually started to turn in to a real leak and drip, dropped toilet water onto my kitchen floor.  Yum.  I promptly called hubby, was instructed to turn off the toilet and thus we were down to 1 toilet.  Hey, I'm just glad we had three to begin with.  Which was the spurs to get hubs in action and we had the downstairs toilet fixed that night.  The upstairs main bathroom toilet... well it's still turned off, well actually it's completely off lying on it's side waiting for a decision to be made because the floor is rotted.  

Which means I have to put up or shut up and start potty training O in earnest.  I have to admit I stalled just a little until I was able to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart and stock up in underpants.  My husband foolishly figured three would do it.  We went through 3 pairs of pants in the first hour.  

So now I have 9 pairs of underpants.  Good thing too since the first day we went through 6 pairs.  Today, we are on #2 and so far we're doing really good.  Hopefully, one more day of him running around half naked will do the trick and we will be officially potty trained.  Maybe we will celebrate by burning 

Can I just say you know you are a parent when you are struck by how freakishly adorable those little red car underpants are?  I have to say they are my favourite.  Although my husband pointed out that they say... Speed, I am speed.  Not exactly a good selling point for men.  ;)~


  1. If you potty train him in three days, I'm either not going to read you any more in a fit of jealous rage or I'm sending you Sean. I'll pick him up after four days.

  2. lol. Wow, not quite at potty training stage yet. But I am already dreading it. Good Luck

  3. We are working on the potty training right now too!
    Like your blog! I followed it.
    Mine is http://www.momswearyourtees.blogspot.com if you want to check it out!
    I found your blog on the mom blog network!

  4. *LOL* Don't forget FAE, the six months we just spent in pull ups supposedly potty training him... they do it when they want to. And yeah.. day 3 and we're done. *crossing fingers*

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