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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gee, My House Used to be Pretty

You know my house used to be pretty.  I used to have lovely family photos in lovely picture frames gracing every available surface with knickknacks and doilies on shelves (yes I still use doilies and I'm not 100) and I'm not talking cluttered.  Just nicely arranged.   I used to have nice furniture that I didn't have to worry about vomit and milk spills.  I used to have coffee tables and side tables and all sorts of things that had dangerous corners.   My funniest compliment I had was from my sister-in-law. At some family do we were hosting I noticed her scoping out my decor and she said..."gee your house is so grown up."   Gee, I'm in my 30's so shouldn't it be?

Now my house has replaced pretty with functional.  My nice furniture is now the old furniture that will go in the family room(If our house ever sells and we can afford to buy a new one) and we'll buy new "nice" furniture one day. And that's okay.  It's for a short time.  

I had to laugh though when I was first starting out with my E.  My mom told me that I shouldn't put everything away that I should be able to "teach" E not to touch.  So I left one Angel statue decoration thingy out.  It was lovely... It's one of those Angels standing over a rocking baby cradle, had a music box inside.   Beautiful.  Anyways, so I was working with E about leaving it alone.  Sure enough I wasn't looking and E knocked it down and the wings broke off.  I told my mother and she said to me... "Well, you should have had that put away."  What ?!?!?!.     Fortunately, the wings can be glued back on.  4 years later they still aren't, they just kind of hover precariously on the angel's back. *L*

I still like my house, I just miss my decorations.  Can you imagine how exciting it will be when I can actually unpack those boxes.  It'll be like Christmas all over again, rediscovering favourite things.  Course, some of my stuff is packed cause we're selling our house.  But otherwise we're still looking at a good 4 years of being baby proofed.   When E was a baby I had thought we would have been passed this by age five, so I would have been thinking right now.. O is almost two, one more year and we should be good right?  No.  E still touches everything.  She thinks it's her right to take anything of mine and play with it.  We sure learned that with the Xmas ornaments. The tree did not stay pretty for even a day.  We had J, E and O all in there.  We tried time outs, yelling, threats.. none of it worked.  We'd still find xmas ornaments all over.  They even stuck one of those beaded candy canes in their heat register.  YUM.  Now that was a toxic smell.  It took days to get the smell out of the house and the melted beads out of the register.  Was that the last time they took them off the tree? No. 

So my dream is... when we finally move and get our new house that hubby and I will have a decent size bedroom and it can become kind a like a mini oasis.  That's what I would love to have. However, that's where fantasy and reality sort of clash.  While I may dream about that dream room set out in the home decorating magazine, reality is that normal people(as in people who can't afford maids) don't live like that.  I'm not lazy (okay so I am) but it's impossible to stay that organized, neat and tidy unless you invest 150% into it all of the time.   I don't want to live my life like that.  I really like my novels er I mean my kids.  I don't want to have to train them like dogs to stay off or out.  Kids are kids. They will still sneak in and land a dirty face print right onto that $500.00 designer duvet cover you just bought.   I want my kids to be comfortable in their own home.  It's their house too.

Refinance your mortgage and save some money for home decorations. 



  1. Our bedroom was supposed to be an oasis. The first two months we lived here, the twins didn't even know where we slept! But they eventually found us...and now we can't get rid of them. Last week, Twin B took a silver Sharpie marker and 'wrote' on the windowsills, the walls, a room divider screen, my husband's desk, a metal cabinet, and my husband's dresser (the only nice set of furniture we own). :-(

    I keep reminding myself if I'd rather have the twins or the furniture. And we'll probably both miss the mess when they're grown and gone. But right now, those days seem soooooooooooooo far away!!

  2. The line between "nice" and "liveable" sure gets blurry! I'm with you, though. I'd rather put some stuff away and let some things wear a bit than constantly be screeching about not touching this or sitting on that. On the flip side there is something to be said for teaching respect (that stuff costs money!), and self-control.


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