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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just Love it When a Man Has a Plan

Well, I love it when my man has a plan that is.  Lately he's been asking me if I want to get his parents to sit so we can go out.  Me... I've been a bit of a bump on the log er couch lately.  I just want to stay home and watch a flick.  Okay so that's my job but sometimes I'm just in a stay at home mood, put your feet, grab a cup of tea and relax.  So the answer lately has been "nah let's just stay in and watch LOTR."  

My poor put upon hubby decided that was it. He's been working extra shifts and we've had the bedtime battles with O every night so I guess he felt he really needed a break.  He announced to me on Tuesday that he had made arrangements with his mom to babysit Wed so we could go out for dinner.  How nice was that?  I guess he figured I couldn't say no when the plans were already made.  Just makes me think how much of a stick in the mud I must have been lately that actually made my husband take initiative and arrange babysitting. 

Do you know what I mean?  How many men out there really make the plans in your house? I try to get my man to put his 2 cents in but it often is like pulling teeth.  He's content to go out and everything, it's just up to me to usually actually make the plans, set the time etc.  (Mind you I still had to confirm with his mom and set the time and outline the plan for the evening with the kids to his mom etc)  But hey, he wanted to go out and so he set the plan in motion. 

So we went out to Moxies.  We had a very lovely dinner.  Made even lovelier by the fact that we had a gift card from friends so we were able to splurge a little and I supersized my Bellini. Normally, we're not drinkers but occasionally I like a sip or two and I do like my girly drinks.  (I just had one)

So it was nice.  Then we went to.... (big dramatic pause)  Wal-Mart.  Yup.  You know you're married with kids when you're big night out means that you end up at Wal-Mart afterwards because hey you get to go shopping without the kids and how often do you get to do that. 


P.S.  Sorry for all the background changes... but this last pink one is too bismally as in pepto.  I'm just trying to find one that'll stick. *L*


  1. That was so great of your husband to plan everything.

    Ending up at walmart at the end sounds like a classic moment for me and my husband, sometimes it is even our night out without the kids lol.

  2. While we rarely (spelled N-E-V-E-R) get to go out, the whole ending up at Walmart is definitely us. I think there is some kind of rule that parents with no kids in tow must make a break for Walmart to get shopping done in a reasonable amount of time without whining and crying.

    Thanks for stopping by our hubby/wife blogs. I am glad you introduced yourself!!!

  3. Oh, yes, shopping at Wal-Mart on your big night out. Though I'm a Target girl myself, I recognize the sad reality of what passes for romance when you have a small child in the house.

    My husband has suggested we go away for a night without our 2-year-old before we have another baby in about a month. Has either of us done anything about it? Nope. Is time running out? Sure 'nuff.

  4. I love the new background, how festive are you? I couldn't resist decorating for vday either. I am so jealous now, my hubby tries but often he wants me to plan it all though I think usually it's because he's worried he'll screw it up.


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