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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A wee confession

I have a confession.  Something happened when we were undecorating.  It was 100% my fault.  I should have known better but I was being pissy that day.  Hubby doesn't know yet and probably won't (unless he reads this post which he doesn't usually) until next year when we go to decorate the tree again. 

(dramatic pause) I broke an ornament well several ornaments really.  We opted not to put the glass balls on the tree this year you know because the kids might break them.  So we left them in their boxes in the bin.  Well I brought out the bin and sort of dropped it on the floor.  I was being grumpy because K was being grumpy so I didn't set the bin carefully down like I should have.  Now I would not have knowingly done this. I forgot we had breakables in there.  Stupid me.  When I opened up the bin I said to myself... Oops!  When I looked closer I saw that many of them were broken. Crap!  Did I confess and clean out the bin and toss the broken ornaments? No, of course not.  I simply covered them up with something else and proceeded to undecorate the tree.  

Then, because I was still being grumpy I stimply tossed all the non breakable ornaments off the tree into a corner in the storage bin.  Normally we'd pack all these up in boxes.  We're kinda anal that way but I couldnt' find the boxes to pack stuff in (I had asked hubby but he was either ignoring me or didn't hear me) so I said screw it and just tossed the stuff in.  So I just know that I'm going to regret that next Christmas.  Like I said, we're big on putting things back in their original boxes etc.  

Right now it's kinda bugging me a little but I've got 11 months to sort of forget about it.  By the time next Christmas rolls around I'm sure it will be a 'gee can't imagine what happened to the ornaments" kinda of thing. *L*  



  1. I saw one of your posts to a forum on Blog Mom Network and decided to check out yours!

    Now onto your post, I find it completely funny basically because of your whole DH part and the whole "gee where are those ornaments" - i swear thats how it is for me for every season. ugh! :P

  2. Thanks Nicole. What they don't know won't hurt them, or come back to bite us in the behind. *L*


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