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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2009 and already... nothing seems different.  I still got up grumpy, still had to push the kids away just so I could pee for maybe 5 secs in peace.  Had to nag the kids to tell me what they wanted for breakfast because I knew that if I let them ignore more, I'd be just about to sit down and eat my own breakfast when suddenly they'd come whining up to me looking for theirs and I'd have to make it while my own went cold.  The life of a mom.  I don't know about you but I like to eat my food while it's still warm and drink my tea while it's still hot.  In other words, I hate cold food. Unless, of course, it's meant to be cold. 

Did I really think the new year would bring in anything different?  No.  Was it too much to expect hubby to plan his schedule ahead so he took off more than just one day off for the Xmas holidays. (Sorry honey but Xmas day does NOT count).  On the one hand, I get that he has to pay stat pay etc and it's expensive, on the other hand... which is more important paying staff an extra 100 or so or spending more time with the family and HELPING out.  :) 

My husband is great at helping but this week we've had his family all week.  I end up with 4 kids most of the day.  E's cousin B is 5 months younger than her and so I've got two hyper 5 year olds that can't seem to sit still or be quiet for more than 5 seconds.  The only reasonable chance I've got of that is if I can entice them to watch a movie.  Even then it's hard finding one that's alluring enough to make them not want to run and jump and scream.  When the girls get like that all the kids start because they can't seem to keep their hands off the little ones.  They hug them and kiss them and squeeze them.  Ever see the little girl on Animaniacs?  The one who'd love and squeeze every animal that came her way until they were absolutely desperate to get away.  Just like that.  

I do get a few quiet moments now and then when I steal them.  My perfect excuse is that O is going down for his nap so I left the girls upstairs with Nana, Papa and Aunty and I buggered off to put O to bed.  Of course, now I'm making sure he's asleep before I go back up.  I'm not stupid. 

However, negativity begets negativity.  Is that a saying?  Probably not.  I've been reading about positive thinking etc. and have decided that it makes sense.  Change your attitude change your life.  So I'm going to start thinking positively.  There was this whole blah blah stuff about the law of attraction etc... but I also believe in the Grace of God so I'm not sure where all that falls into it.  
My house is going to sell and for top dollar.  I will lose weight and be a smaller size again.  I will become more patient.  I will resolve my work issue and spend more time with my family and more time for me.  

Oh and this snowy weather is going to stop. Soon.  I don't think I mentioned that we still have snow.  That's over 3 weeks of snow.  That is very unusual.  The snow is definitely melting now but there was just so much of it.  Plus, it's still very cold so we have a lot of ice now and today it decided to snow again when it called for rain.  It's calling for rain the whole weekend so we shall see. 

Well.... O's definitely asleep so I better get back up there and do my part!

Happy New Year Everyone!


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  1. OOOh I'm gonna have to make you a new years award aren't I? Love it! Happy happy new year to you and yours.


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