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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things I like

Here's a flash I got while putting movies away at work, I happened to glance down at my feet.

Do you know what I like? Socks. Not plain old socks mind you, funky socks with a capital FUNK. I tend to stray towards girly socks but as other people sometimes buy socks for me like my mom and my hubby, I don't always get the girly colours. Sometimes I have to suffer with blues on blues or even black and gold stripped socks (they're so not pretty); however, I still like em cause they're different. I'm currently wearing salmon pink socks with white snowflakes on them. They are well displayed because I wear those Skecher's mary jane type runners with the cross over strap.

They sell all these cool socks but just how many people do you actually see wearing interesting socks? Maybe I just haven't been paying attention, I'm probably more concerned with my own feet. Although I do notice pretty nail polish on toes.

My thing is, it's simple. I can't afford a snazzy wardrobe or funky shoes which frankly just make your feet hurt anyways. Really, why are there no sexy shoes that take orthotics? Nowadays (listen to me I sound so old nowadays) you can even get socks at the dollar store. Okay they're thin and poor quality but they are... cheap. So it's a small thing to make my day cheery. My kids like them, even my doctor likes them. It's gotta make you laugh when you put your legs up in those old stirrups (I was expecting baby #2) and my doctor chuckled and said he liked my socks. I got a kick out of that. Socks don't have to be practical. They can be fun.

It's kind of like wearing pretty underwear only it's much cheaper and you don't have to be naked to appreciate.

While I'm on a role here... know what else I like? Tea. Not coffee, tea. And not that herbal crap. Okay it's not crap, but for me it's gotta be good old black tea. Tetley is our current brand of choice. It's been making us a perfect cup of tea for years now.

There is just something so soothing, so calming about tea. When I'm stressed or having a bad day, a cup of tea sets me up just fine. When my tummy is queasy, tea helps. My favourite mummy relaxing moment in time is making a hot cup of tea and picking up my latest book for a good read.

I like a tea that I can add milk and a little sugar to it. It's not tea without the milk and sugar. I can't really understand those that don't put milk in their tea. YUCK. And I have this one friend I have a hard time really connecting with.. we get together with the kids etc.. and I think it's because she doesn't drink tea. It's just easier to bond over tea. The whole ritual of boiling water, steeping a pot and picking out nice cups or mugs.

In fact, my husband and I literally dated over tea. We spent countless evenings just drinking tea and talking. No t.v., just us, drinking tea and talking for hours. If he was a coffee lover only.... I just don't think it would have happened. We still (almost ten years later) end each day by having a cup of tea together before bed. We can still talk for hours too.

So that's what I like. Careful.. I'm sure there's more. *L*


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