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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why We Blog

Why do we blog? Are we looking for recognition, immortality or just to record our day. In days now mostly gone by we used paper diaries. You know that thing you write on with a pen. I would bet that more people blog nowadays at one time than any one has ever recorded their life on paper in history.

Why is that? Is it because we're so voyeuristic we like to live through other people's lives? Kinda like watching reality t.v.

I started a blog because I figured I had some opinions I wanted to rant about and maybe, just maybe somebody would pay attention to them and possibly agree with me. I set up this account, made myself and my information as anonymous as possible so I could lay it all out there. So I wouldn't be worried about what someone would think if I said something bad about them. So I could be completely honest in how I think and how I feel. Too often we jump to the wrong emotions but by writing it out we can realize where we are wrong and work on it.

But now... my blog has been compromised.

Firstly because I asked a friend for assistance in getting more traffic to my site. They said they wouldn't read it... they did. And that's okay. It's just that after I knew they were, I found myself rethinking what I was typing just in case they read it again.

Secondly, my blog is compromised because I've had a few comments on my posts. Don't get me wrong, I was eager for comments and the knowledge that someone was actually reading this stupid thing. But then as I began to read their blogs and find out who they are, I find myself caring about what they might think of me. Suddenly a bad day was smoothed over a little. After all, I don't want these people to think I'm horrible, do I? And I'm not always that witty. I try to be, I would like to be but some days it's just not there. There's a pressure to be upbeat and witty, that that is more appealing somehow.

But please don't stop the comments. I do love them and I enjoy reading other people's blogs.

I just have to get over myself and stop looking for other people's approval. Maybe I should add that to my New Year's list.

So please keep up the comments when you have them. I appreciate it and I will try to keep on being honest and open and hey, I guess if you don't like me or what you're reading, you can just go on to the next blog. That's my philosophical thought for the day.... can you tell I've been watching too many narrated shows.



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  2. Sorry for the deleted comment - I noticed a typo, and I'm a grammar nazi.

    I started blogging to share pictures and happenings with far-away family members. But I've turned into a comment junkie in the process. Every time I log in, I look to see what others have posted new (including you!), and I check for new comments on my stuff. I got a feed tracker so I look to see who's visiting my blog and where they're from. I have also taken steps to make my blog more widely seen. Why do we care what others think? I just don't get it... but I'm a victim of it all the same.

    I try not to post anything that will come back to bite me. I also try not to post too much about the uglier parts of life, but I don't think it's fair to gloss them over too much. Otherwise it's like reading someone's too-perfect Christmas letter, the kind that just makes you sick! Sometimes I get the greatest encouragement knowing that other moms also feel like failures but they just keep on trying.

    God bless your day!

  3. Would you believe I started blogging because it was something to do? I continue because of habit, I guess.

    Everyone has different reactions towards "opening themselves up." It is rare to find someone who will TRULY open up everything. But that's because even in our day-to-day lives we don't tell people everything about us. Blogging isn't really any different, for most. It just can't be compared to a private written diary, because on the internet nothing is private.


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