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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wishing can be DANGEROUS

As I was browsing the gadget feature to see what I could add to my page (did you know there were more there than the basic, duh to me) when I saw one popular gadget: Places you must see before you die. The main photo was gorgeous and I thought... what was the point in looking at beautiful scenery of beautiful places that I was never going to get to see? Does it make sense to create that kind of longing? Kind of like, don't wish for riches because you're never gonna get it. Or don't dream about how you'd spend the money if you won the lotto jackpot cause it's not going to happen (especially if you never buy a ticket).

Of course, dreams are nice to have and nice to dream about. I dreamed about getting married, having a home of my own and children. Now those things are and were possible for me and are possible for most people. Most people; however, are not going to win a home makeover by Tai Pennington or Oprah. Most people are not going to win the lottery. Most people are not going to get a personal makeover or have some rich relative die and leave them a sizable inheritance.

Some people can dream those things and not become discontent. For some, it can make the future seem rosier to think of those things as possibilities.

I'm not like that. If I can't have it, I don't want to think about. It bums me out. Why stir up discontent. I'd rather not look at sales fliers if I don't have money to buy anything. Besides, when it comes down to it do any of those things really make people happy? Money takes the pressure off, yes that's true but it still (and there's so many songs and stories to prove it) doesn't buy happiness.

It's kind of like this cruise we've been talking about. It will be our 10th anniversary this summer and we'd really like to get away. Heck, let's face it, we NEED to get away. So we've been talking and talking and looking at cruise guides for planning a cruise.

First... we started off we'll go somewhere exotic. Then we looked at airfare and air travel time (a lot of the tropical cruises leave from Florida) and thought we need to find a cruise that's not so far to get to. So we're look at cruises from LA etc. Then we think... what if something happens to us while flying, our kids would be parentless in one shebang. So then we're looking at a cruise that leaves closer to us. Only it's to somewhere cold and we'd done it before.

I've played it safe my whole life. I've travelled to Europe but to the safe part of Europe. I stayed with friends or family when I was there. I've travelled across Canada and the U.S. but never stopped at those quaint, unfamiliar places because they're you know... unfamiliar. So for once I wanted to break out of the mold and do something more let's say exotic.

Well, we are now in January 2009 and have been talking about this since at least August of 2008. Do we have passports done? NO. Do we have a trip booked? NO. Do we at least have it narrowed down to one specific place or idea? NO. Do we have the money saved? NO. (Well we're using travel reward miles but we still need spending money) Do we know who is going to look after our kids? NO.

And that, my friends, is really the crux of the problem. Our three little (snort) darlings. Ahem. We can't rely on K's parents. They are in their sixties and it's just not fair to ask them to wear themselves out for an entire week looking after the kidlets. If said kidlets were older and in school most of the time, I wouldn't feel so bad. My mom, though younger, still works so that's out. We have one friend who said she'd do it if she wasn't pregnant. They are probably going to start trying soon. She also needs to work so we'd have to pay for her to be off, which I'm fine doing but who knows if that would be okay with her employer. (She's currently seeking employment). Something always seems to come up to prevent these things. Besides it just seems like such a huge thing to ask people to look after your three children for a whole week. It's not just the babysitting thing, it's uprooting their lives thing to do it.

Oh and did I mention, we're also trying to sell our house and have no idea when or if it's gonna sell and whether we'd be trying to move before, during or after our vacation.

So I'm back to the let's face it... it's just not gonna happen. It may be nice to talk about but reality is, it's just not gonna happen.

So yeah, to get back to my point. Wishing CAN be dangerous.. to your mental health that is.

Just a thought.


P.S. So much for my thinking positive resolution. *L*

Above picture provided by http://www.graphicsbypennyparker.com/If you like the blue fairy photo, you absolutely must check out this lady's page. It's amazing.

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