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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Phew, A little Shock from the Past

I'm not really a Facebook fan.  I am registered, under my real name, because I wanted to see information about our High School Reunion.  Was that only last year?  I believe I've posted about this poor at how amazed I was at suddenly how many "friend" requests I had. I think out of all of those only one or two actually sent me a message.  I had to chuckle as I got great satisfaction out of "ignoring" a guy whom I knew for a fact thought I was the biggest "B" in school ever.  Still... the reunion is over, I never went mostly because of  my "apathetic friends" and so I rarely ever check my facebook page. 

Still, I have to admit I did try a couple of times to look up old boyfriends.  Heh heh.  Of course, I was annoyed that because I wasn't friends with them I couldn't check out their profiles and get a sneak update on their lives.  Did they get married, did they have children etc?   And no way was I going to lower myself to requesting friend status.  After all, there was no way I wanted them to know I was curious, right?  There is a reason why they are exes.  

So I was surprised today when I was compelled to log on to my facebook page so I could comment on another site to discover a friend request from an old boyfriend.  I have to admit my heart pounded a little.  No, not because he was the "one" as in the one boyfriend that sometimes infiltrates my dreams but just from the shock of it.  The break up didn't end well, I sued him over a computer which I was embarrassed over later, and we never spoke again since that last settlement conference.  Some 15 + years ago. OMG it was actually more like 18 years ago.  I am so getting old.

The more embarrassing fact was that around a year or two later, I was alone and lonely having moved back home and of course with Rose Coloured glasses on started missing him.  He really was a great guy.  I met him while I was on rebound from the "one" and we hit it off and before I knew it, we were living together.  After a while though I realized that I didn't really "love" him and wanted out and the rest is history. 

Anyways, the embarrassing part was that I actually stooped to calling him. Instead of getting him though, I got a woman who informed me that he was his fiance and when I explained to her that I was just an old friend calling, she had never heard of me.  Oh that put me in my place.  I quickly got off the line, unplugged my phone for a couple of days and tried to put it out of my mind. 

So the big question did I respond to his friend request?  Yes I did.  Mainly because he actually sent me a message although it was only to ask if I was indeed who he thought I was.  Now I have no idea how he stumbled across my profile as we have no "friends" in common and live completely separate lives six hours away from each other.  And secondly, it was 18 years ago and you would think I could be mature enough after all this time.  I said.... you would think.  ;)

Facebook can be so frustrating though.  As his "friend" I was at liberty to poke around his site a little and so far I have seen one kid in a photo but no photos of a possible "wife".  Oh well, I guess I will have to wait for his reply to find out how he's fared all these years.

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  1. LOVE the blog! I found you by way of SITS :) and have now become your follower! *woot woot* would LOVE to have you come "follow" me on my adventure at mangia-bella.blogspot.com

  2. LOVE the blog! I found you by way of SITS :) and have now become your follower! *woot woot* would LOVE to have you come "follow" me on my adventure at mangia-bella.blogspot.com

  3. oh, Facebook... I had the same situation happen - except it wasn't an old boyfriend - it was an old crush. THE CRUSH. He sent me the request and I was all, "what the hell??" now I have to think about you again jeez... we've posted a few comments on each other's pages - but no messages and no phone calls. No direct communication :) Facebook is a tricky thing...

    Found you on SITS!

  4. Facebook is fun. I find that the novelty wears off a bit though and then it is just nice to hear how people are doing here and there.


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