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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Crayola Kidszone - Review Pip-Squeaks

Well it's time once again for another Crayola Product Review.  As a member of Crayola's Canada Mom Advisory Team, I am lucky enough to receive crayola products to try out with my children.  As you can imagine when that Purolator man shows up at my door I have three extremely excited children.

Pip-Squeaks Colour Writers:  "Small in size but big in colour! Pip-Squeaks are easy to hold and with their super fine tip, they write just like a pen (4+, $5.49) "   I have to admit that I had my doubts about this product.  Basically they are small felts that can fit in your pocket.  They have a cap on the end that you pop open and shake out the felt.  It then extends to the size of a regular felt pen only it has a fine tip.  I thought that for sure my children would have that felt tip destroyed as soon as it hit the page.  Only it's not a soft tip, it's hard.  I tried it out myself and sure enough it worked wonderfully and my oldest in particular really enjoyed it because she used these pens to do the outlining and fine details that she likes to add to her drawings.  It says 4 and up but there was no way I could not let my 3 year old use it and use he did as he quickly scribbled off three pictures for me.  I actually like this felt better for him because he could not over push the tip, the colour flows evenly and best of all he didn't have a ton of felt all over his hands.

Pip-Squeaks Wacky Tips: "16 unique marker tips provide kids the opportunity to create cool effects (4+, $5.49)"   These were fun too.  Each felt has a different shape on it to make a cool pattern on the page. This was a lot of fun for the kids as they tried to outdo each other making rainbows.  The colours are very vibrant. 

Marker and Watercolor Pad:  "60 sheets of premium Marker Watercolour Paper (1+, $3.09)"  Of course, what better to have with all those felts and paints but the right paper for it. It is actually a rather large pad of paper for the price and definitely worth it when all those lovely colours from their drawings don't actually run through to the table below.  As you know, children colour hard and often rip their paper in the process and depending on the surface, sometimes the colour doesn't go away.  This paper more than stands up to the test and works wonderfully well with water color paints as well.

Body Art Henna Design: "Quick and easy application of multiple varieties of face and body art designs. Each kit includes 8 sheets of pre-perforated shapes, 1 body art crayon and 1 instructional guide (8+, 10.99)"   Now mom probably had the most fun with this.  These body art designs were absolutely lovely and amazingly easy to apply.   The kit included designs in brown, copper and red.  True to their word, they washed off easily with soap and water.  The only design I saw that stayed a little longer was the red colour.  You do have to be careful to apply it in a place where it is not going to be rubbed by clothing or by little hands, which is why this is really an 8+ project.  My little ones couldn't resist rubbing their designs and so they were gone fairly quickly.  Still, there are a ton of designs in the kit and because of the amount of paint on each design, I was able to use it once on the kids and then once on myself.  Thrifty mom that I am. ;)

Color Wonder Stow & Go Studio: "Provides both mom and kids with mess-free, fun, creative activities that fit their "on the go" lifestyle. Separate marker storage and book storage allow children to change marker colours without opening the entire tote (3+, $13.49)"  This is really a great idea.  The coloring book stores inside along with four colour markers.  It's flat surface makes it easy to store in the pocket on the back of the seat, under the seat or simply tucked in between.  The best bit is because they are colour wonder markers, you don't have to worry about what else the little darlings might be colouring in the back of the car. 

As always we were really thrilled and pleased with the Crayola products we received. 

Check out Crayola.ca for printable colouring pages, make-your-own cards and activity ideas.

Thanks to Crayola.ca for the opportunity to review these great products.


  1. My littlest loves art! Items like these have been a staple. We're getting ready for the beach - and we'll be packing up our art supplies for the little guy! Thanks for the review!

  2. Pizy took some of those pip squeak makers to camp with him and said he absolutely loved em!

  3. I think you just gave me some birthday present ideas.


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