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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spoiled Milk er Coffee

Okay so I got this lovely Mini Keurig Brewer and I've been enjoying lovely cups of coffee with it.  However, as I said I only received about 10 sample cups and there's two of us drinking coffee so it is a somewhat precious commodity around our house at the moment.  That is until my order comes in sometime next week.  So we're trying to be very sparing with the coffee so as to make what we have last. 

So I make myself a lovely cup of coffee yesterday afternoon and take it outside with me to supervise the children.  I get called to do something as invariably happens when they see me and I set my cup down on the porch, there being no table there at the moment.  About fifteen minutes later, I come back to.....

Believe it or not... I actually did contemplate for about five seconds whether or not I could still drink it. 

Sigh.  Why O would think it fun to bounce his very dirty golf ball in my cup I will never know.  It must be a 3 year old thing.  Sigh.

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  1. Maybe they should make a playground flavored coffee.


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