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Saturday, June 5, 2010

My New Prezzies - A Mini Review

I am so thrilled.  I finally ordered and now received the only two frivolous things that I purchased with the money from the sale of my store.

My Kitchenaid Mixer in lovely Empire Red 

and since I was smart enough to shop the deals on Amazon.ca, saving $100.00, I went ahead and bought
one of these also in a lovely shade of Empire Red. 

I went for the Mini Brewer because not only is it about $90.00 cheaper, it was in Red and I figured it would look nice having two red appliances on my counter.  The only real difference that I hadn't realized was that it takes 3 minutes to make a coffee instead of instant.  Yeah, yeah, the expensive one has other features but I didn't know about those anyway and as far as I can tell, for a simple coffee drinker, I won't miss them.

I had been shooting for a different colour Mixer originally for my mixer but obviously some colors are less popular as this red one was $100.00 cheaper than say Apple Green or Blue.  So it was with great excitement that I picked up my giant box from Amazon.  It was a good thing I brought hubby along, it really was a big box. 

Of course, this means I had to get baking to prove my mixer worthiness to my husband and so far I have made one batch of muffins, mixed ground meat in it for hambugers (worked great BTW), made K's dad's birthday cake for tomorrow and have yummy delicious smelling cookies baking in the oven as I type. 

Needless to say, my husband definitely feels that I mixer worthy. 

My only complaint about the mixer so far...  The knob for switching speeds is stiff and the first time I tried to switch it on, I ended up flipping it way too far and so flour poufed out and it actually dug into my finger a bit so I had a small dent and it actually hurt for quite awhile.  I was a little more careful pushing the lever after that. 

As for my Keurig Mini Brewer.  I am so far loving it.  Unfortunately, in the sample coffees included there was only one flavoured coffee (Hazelnut) and I am definitely a flavoured coffee fan.  Still, I went online and ordered some more.  Hello variety pack.  

I was surprised when I went to register my machine online; and this may be interesting for those of you purchasing a brewer or if you have already and haven't registered your machine with Keurig.com:  definitely do so.  If you do, you get a code so that when you order four boxes of coffee, two of them are free.  This works for Canadians as well.  Being from Canada, I had to pay a $9.95 charge to cover their administration costs etc for processing through customs, but other than that shipping was free and apparently there is no duty on coffee, hot chocolate or tea products.  In other words, if you're Canadian, buy your machine in Canada and then register on Keurig and get the deal. 

I felt it was worth paying the $9.95 charge because I was getting two boxes free and it only cost me $35.00 USD to buy 4 boxes.  Otherwise, there are a couple of other Canadian companies out there that will provide free shipping if you order four boxes, however, that would have costed me $55.00 plus taxes.  So I figured I got a great deal for the first time around.  If it turns out I was wrong and there are more costs than I had expected, I will let you know. 

So here I am brewing and baking like crazy.  Gotta love it!  Now all I need are some of those cool attachments you can get for the Kitchenaid like the pasta maker or the sausage stuffer. 

BTW:  This is Not a sponsored post.  Just two prezzies I granted myself from the sale of my business and I thought I'd share my truly honest opinion about them. ;)


  1. I do like the red!

    I wouldn't have thought of mixing meat in a mixer. I'm sure mine wouldn't be able to handle it. Your mixer sounds skookum.

  2. Oooh, how fun! I do like both. Would be so much fun to go crazy buying kitchen appliances, wouldn't it?

  3. Those are both gorgeous, and I love the color choices! I always wanted to try the Keurig...I love the idea of the convenience of it.

  4. I'm so happy you did splurge on the mixer and the coffee maker!! I remember when you posted your hesitancy about spending money on yourself so it makes me smile knowing you went for it!!!

    I love that yours comes with a little plastic guard around the bowl. Mine didn't come with that so I always have to wrap saran wrap around it to prevent flour or sugar from flying out of it.

    I really want to get the pasta attachment but haven't yet. Let me know if you do get one...I'm anxious to hear how well it works!

  5. I totally love my kitchen maid mixer. I hope you really enjoy yours.


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