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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stupid Mommy Moments

This post could alternatively be titled..

Mom Tries to Teach Son a Lesson But Instead Learns One Herself

Let's set the scene... Mom (moi) has vacuum out, toys all over floor as usual.

Here's mom vacuuming merrily away, la la la la la... oh look mom sees red checked cowboy hankerchief lying on the floor... mom gets to close it sucks slightly into hose... mom thinks aha teaching moment for O, holds up the vacuum hose as she's about to say "look O, see what happens when you leave your toys on the floor, they get sucked up."  Of course she's not able to fully this pithy observation because as she lifts hose in the air, it promptly sucks the entire neckerchief into the tube. 

Bravo Mom!

20 stressfull minutes later after taking apart the hose, wrestling the metal piece off the plastic piece so I could jam a broom handle up the hose, to twisting and grasping and pinching my fingers together to try and pull it which is now jamed and stuck into the curved plastic part of the other end of the hose (the end the broom wouldn't go up) and finally I have one slightly crumpled neckerchief.  I then look at my dismantled vacuum and hope and pray I can put it back together again without having to leave it for hubs and thereby having to admit that I was a complete dope.  Somehow I managed to get the plastic piece over the metal tube again.  It actually took less time to get it on than it did to get it off.   I have to say my hands hurt quite a bit now from wrestling with the darn thing. 

Chalk one up the annals of Stupid Mom Things I've Done and thank God the kids had no clue what was really going on so they aren't likely to tattle on me. ;)


  1. LMAO So sounds like something that I would do!

  2. Haha! I've done something similar, but I never retrieved said item! :)


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