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Monday, June 21, 2010

Mystery Poo

Just when I figure it would no longer be appropriate to rename my blog "The Poop Diaries", you know because my kids are getting bigger and are all potty trained, something comes up to make me seriously consider it again.

To say we've had an interesting weekend is putting it mildy.  But no, we'd have to go back further than that to say Thursday.  On Thursday, when I had come down from putting laundry away upstairs I discovered that O had pooped his pants.  I was admittedly to embarrassed to post about my morning spent shampooing the carpet because I felt strangely responsible for his lapse.  After all, surely I must have traumatized him in some way for him to regress like this.  I sort of equated it to when your pet gets made at you, the only way they can get you back is to crap on the floor.  And I had denied him yet another snack so surely it must have been my fault.

Then Saturday afternoon, I'm gone for not five minutes from the room when sudden disaster strikes again. K had just come inside and I heard him talking angrily to the kids.  The smell of poo has even wafted all the way upstairs.  I come down to see my three little moppets all sitting all in a row on the couch quiet as can be watching a show.  Only for some strange reason, poo is smeared all across the back of the couch, into O's hair, all over the toy he is holding in his hand, so much so that even the wheels are full of it.  There was streaks of poo on the floor and even in to J's shoes sitting by the door.   ?!?!?!?

Does anyone know where this poo came from?  No.  It's not from O's bum.  We checked him and all the others deny any knowledge of having seen poo.  Was he playing in the poo?  Did he actually run his choo choo through poo?  I just don't know.  Needless to say I'm not cleaning that toy.  It went straight into the garbage.  The carpet got shampooed for the second time in as  many days. 

Then we were awoken to O being sick in the night.  At 6:30 a.m. we were up shampooing the carpet in the hallway because he didn't make it to the bathroom.  Again, if you don't have a carpet cleaner.  Invest in one. Believe me, it's worth it. 

Course, O wasn't doing that badly in the morning.  He didn't eat breakfast but he was perky enough so we still went out to the lake to visit with family.  Little did we know that the motion of the van would make him more sick.  Poor little guy.  By the time we had gotten out to the lake, we had pulled over 3 times.  The rest of the afternoon was spent with him on one of our laps.  When he wasn't throwing up he was dozing.  If we had of realized he was that sick we wouldn't have bothered going.  Still the girls got to out with their uncle in the boat so they had fun.

I was relieved to get him home and settled onto the couch with his own blanky and pillow. Only to have the diarrhea kick in.  It was so sudden that the kids don't even realize what's happening.  After the second change, I clued in and got out the goodnights and slapped those on him.  Better to go back to pullups than to clean poo off the couch. 

It only went downhill from there, by 7 pm that night, J was now upchucking and it seemed only E, who had been sick earlier in the week was going to get a good nights sleep.  Not so.  We must have been up every half hour.  If it wasn't one kid throwing up, it was cleaning up diarrhea poop off the floor and stripping the bed of the other.  E is actually still sleeping now.  I've checked on her 3 times just to make sure she didn't vomit and choke. Although their tummies are so empty, I doubt that would happen.  They can't even keep so much as a sip of water down. 

It's gonna be one of those days.  Two of them are currently zombified on the couch watching treehouse and I'm about to join them... maybe I'll get to snooze a little in between holding the buckets under their heads. 

To top it off... I just know the chances of us not getting sick from them is pretty small. 

Still, I did manage to get in a special breakfast for K for Father's Day and he showed what a great dad he is by pitching in and helping clean up the mess.  This will be a Father's Day to remember sweetie!

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  1. That's so horrible. I'm starting to believe parents suffer just as much the kids when they are sick.


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