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Friday, May 27, 2011

Crazy Night is Pizza Night with Dr. Oetker

There is always at least one night a week that I consider to be the "crazy" night for getting dinner together; the night I have to drive my daughter to dance.  Sure I could throw a meal together ahead of time but most of those types of meals tend to be casseroles which at least one of my picky eaters turns their nose up.  So my idea of being organized for "crazy" night is to have frozen pizza as back-up in the freezer.  It's cheaper than take-out, ready in less than twenty minutes and even the pickiest kid loves cheese pizza.

This week E had three rehearsals coming up for her big dance recital so when I was asked to review the new line of frozen Pizza by Dr. Oetker, I was in luck.  I was able to try something new and feed my family at the same time. 

I found Dr. Oetker's Panebello Bakery Crust Pizza easily in the frozen food section of my local grocery store.  It comes in four varieties:  Country Pepperoni, Classic Canadian, Vegetable and Goat Cheese and Brushetta.

We tried the Country Pepperoni and Brushetta.  What first struck me on opening the plastic packaging was that it actually smelled fresh despite the fact that it was frozen.  I could actually smell the sauce and the tomatoes and vegetables. 

Of course, like all froze pizza, it's ridiculously easy to prepare.  The instructions do tell you to place the pizza directly on to your oven rack; however, I NEVER do this.  I have had bad experiences with dropping pizza, cheese melting into my oven etc.  So instead I put it on a round foil pizza pan and I don't think it harmed the pizza whatsoever.  The crust was deliciously crisp on the outside and wonderfully soft on the inside just like they promised.  In fact, my husband who is a bit of a pizza expert having managed a pizza restaurant for over 8 years, specifically commented to me on how good the crust was.

Overall, we really enjoyed both pizzas.  I wasn't sure how my kids were going to take to them because they generally only eat plain cheese pizza.  In fact, I had picked up a separate plain cheese pizza as a back up just in case. Of course, they had to prove me by asking to try ours and then promptly eating the rest.  I was certain they wouldn't eat the pepperoni pizza at all but they just gobbled it up suddenly announcing that they "like" pepperoni.  I shouldn't be surprised because I found the pepperoni to be very tasty myself and not so spicy as you usually get.  You can definitely tell that quality ingredients go into these pizzas.

Our only complaint.... we would have liked a bit more cheese.  Granted, cheese is the most expensive ingredient on the pizza and by having less cheese probably made the pizza healthier overall but still, we all like a tad bit more cheese. 

Still, definitely very tasty pizza and I will definitely be purchasing this line again.  We just loved the fresh ingredients and the crisp crust!

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***Disclosure: I received free coupons to obtain the pizza product for review.  However, my opinions are my own and reflect my true experiences with the product consumed. ****

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