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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm Still Nervous

I just had my first job interview in over 16 years.  It was by phone.  I knew it was coming because I had applied last week and when I saw who was calling on the call display, I knew that this was it.  Thankfully, she was just setting up a time for the actual interview so I had some time to prepare. 

I knew this jumping back into the work force was going to be hard and I was dreading the interview process but you know it wasn't so bad.  Sure I was nervous and I still have butterflies in my stomach hours afterwards and I wish I had refined some of my answers more but when it comes down to it all I can do is be me.  I am who I am. 

Did I ace it?  I'd like to say that I did but I don't think so.  My work experience, while it is similar to what they are looking for just doesn't compare to what the job is.  Sure I'd like to think that I can do the job and do it well but will they see that capability just from a phone interview.  Besides if I make this cut, I still have at least one more if not two interviews to pass through.  OMG.

In the end, I am relieved that this interview was by phone.  I didn't have to dress for it and I was in my own surroundings.  Part of me hopes for a second interview while the other part of me is happy to stay at home without the need to answer to anyone else but myself and plan our family vacations when we want it.

Unfortunately, the SAHM gig pay sucks. 


  1. So hard to put yourself out there ... but you did! Good job ... and let the good-for-you job follow! Hopefully with a pay raise :)

  2. That is a lot of interviews; are you joining the secret service?:-)

    Best of luck with your search.

  3. interviews scare the crap out of me! But you go girl--sounds like you rocked the phone part of the interview! And things will happen the way they're meant to. (I try to tell myself that anyway.....)
    Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

  4. Good luck to you! Interviews, the whole process can be so stressful.

  5. I would've been so nervous too. I suck at interviews. Good luck!!


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