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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Another Marriage Bites the Dust

Is it just me or do you find it increasingly disappointing on hearing which celebrities have split now?  I'm not talking this fly by night marriages but of the long term ones.  If you are wondering what I am talking about then perhaps you haven't heard today's news regarding Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver's split.  Twenty-five years of marriage down the tubes.  Is that not incredibly sad?  Makes you wonder if his years in office was harder on their marriage than his many years of acting.  Or maybe he was home TOO much now. 

Of course, there will be lots of speculation and while I know it's their business, I can't help but wonder why.  What makes two people who managed to work through their differences for 25 years decide to split? 

In this day and age of celebrityitis, the younger generation really look to their idols and unfortunately they are falling far short. Sure they are only human too but the examples they are setting en mass of divorce, relationship jumping, drug abuse, etc... is rampant and worrying. 

It just makes me realize how much more my husabnd and I need to really set the example for our kids.  Cause right now, we're the most important people in their little lives.  We really need to make this time count.


  1. I agree! We need to be their role models not celebrities! Great post!

  2. I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger award. (-:

  3. So very, very true! It's scary what kids can see and learn by watching the glittery world of celebrities ... eek!


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