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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well, I didn't get the Job

I kind of gave it away, didn't I?  I didn't get the job.  Or at least I don't think I did.  It's officially been two weeks and I haven't heard back and she said if I didn't hear in a couple of weeks that they'd moved on. Which came across as a little harsh after the nice chit chat we'd just been having.  Little bit of reality check there.

I have mixed feelings about it.  I'm disappointed because it was a perfect fit for me (It was for a book store) but relieved that I won't have to go to more interviews and meet more new people and impress them with my smarts. ;) 

And relieved because I've been working for hubs like crazy this past few weeks and while I may be getting paid a bit because I'm taking the place of one of his employees that quit, I can't say that I'm loving the juggling of work and homelife all that much.  At least it's doing something that I'm familiar with (renting videos) but can I just tell you my husband is a slave driver. 

I knew there was a reason that I didn't really want to work for him.  Work with him as a manager sure.. but as a lowly employee.... no not a big fan of it.  For one thing, he is just so much more strict and uptight on how things are done in this store than I was in mine.  If I wanted to watch a movie because the night was quiet, I did.  At his store, while he did say reluctantly that if it was really slow he'd let me watch a film, I could tell that he really didn't want me to and so that was that.  I tried watching a movie on the computer but the stupid trailers running in the background pretty much drowned out any interesting dialogue.

Then there's the late list.  I SOOOOOOO hate calling people to tell them their movie is late.  Why, I don't know.  So what if they are annoyed.  I just don't like calling people I don't know.  Never have.  This gal would rather eat that weird frozen thing in the back of the freezer than actually phone and order chinese food.  Strangely enough, my brother is the exact same way. He makes his wife do all the calling and I make my husband do all the calling.  I kid you not.

I thought I was safe from "the list" until I had to work Saturday and Sunday day shifts.  Fortunately both days I was just too busy to get it done.  Boo hoo. 

At my store, my evening shifts consisted of me helping out the customers and then sitting my arse on the chair in front of the computer blogging or doing the books in between.  At his store.. there's only one stool and it's higher than the counter and you feel like a tool using it.

Then there's the vacuuming, the cleaning of the popcorn machine and the tidying up of the wall.  All the movies have to placed behind the covers from left to right and if one is missing you need to shift the available rentals over so that the spaces are all filled out evenly. Talk about OCD.

You see when I was management... I gave lists I didn't get lists of things to do.

It's been a real adjustment going back to work.  When it was just two evenings a week it wasn't so bad even though mentally I had to adjust so I stopped booking playdates or appointments for those afternoons.  But then I had to do Saturday and this past weekend Sunday too and I'm completely exhausted.  By the time I left for work Monday evening I was feeling just a bit teary eyed as hubs shrugged his shoulders at me because he didn't get why I was so tired.  Well, after a kazillion trips to the bathroom with explosive diarrhea and two days of stomach pain and about 5 pounds lost, it's pretty apparent that I'm so damn tired because I picked up some kind of virus.  Of course, thanks to google I was almost certain I had pancreatitis but now I'm not so sure. ;)

At some point, it dawned on hubs that I was legimately tired and ill and not just being a whiny wuss and he's been a tad more sympatic and he actually managed to work in a night off for me. 

Thank you, master.


  1. I worked for The Husband once at his office. I'm not sure who fired/quit first. From then on, I worked for him at home until I got tired of that too for various reasons.

    I'm also a anti-phone person, but I'm making strides to not be.

  2. Sorry you didn't get the job


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