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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Waiter, there's Soap in My Soup!

There is a famous story that goes around our family concerning my husband when he was young.  He wanted to help clean up and so poured dish soap into a pot of spaghetti noodles figuring it needed cleaning too. Unsuspecting, his older brother served himself a helping of soapy spaghetti.  K has never since lived it down and rather the man that he is rather enjoys his inventiveness and the good joke he had on his brother so many years ago.

So I should have been rather suspicious of my son this morning.  He had been up before all of us and I guess after mommy's tearful awakening yesterday decided to entertain and feed himself.  We came down to little pieces of foil all over the carpet... ah ha Bear Paw cookies, then the stool was in the middle of the living room with brown and yellow on the top step.  I could easily figure out the brown for chocolate chips but not the yellow until I spied the soap bottle sitting by the t.v.  It made all sense now.  He tried to clean up his mess.  Fair enough.

I help him finish cleaning up and think no more of it. That is until I go to drink my tea.  See I have no qualms about using my tea cup from the night before.  Don't judge me all you germaphobes out there!  So I grab my cup from the coffee table and here's where I deviated... I usually at least rinse the cup out only I didn't.  I happily made my tea and my breakfast and after several interruptions finally got to sit down and drink it.

Only to discover that it tasted odd and smelled a little like perfume.  A quick taste of my husband's tea confirmed that it was only mine.  Well it didn't take long for the light bulb to go on and for us to discover the soap residue on the coffee table where my cup had sat.  O had put soap in my cup.  Oh yum.

Question is did he do it with a sense of mischief... wait till mommy drinks this or was it simple curiosity?  Considering he is only three, I can't really imagine him pre-planning such a joke but then still he is his father's son through and through. So let's just say I am going to be considerably more careful drinking out of any cups left hanging around.

How did your tea taste this morning?


  1. Wow, the apple didn't fall away from the tree! Obviously, soap is a love affair in your family. :-)

  2. Thank goodness my coffee tasted great this morning! Oh you poor thing!


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