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Monday, July 5, 2010

For Once We've Accomplished our Goal

Even though we've had the pool up for over a week and the grass was put in last week.  The weather really had been too cool to contemplate swimming.  E's birthday party was the first  bay any of us swam in her pool.  The forecast was grim but a thanks to a few extra prayers being cast up, we were blessed with a warm if not slightly breezy day.

The children were still shivering like mad but then again what kid doesn't like to shiver a little. As for the RSVPs. Only three out of the 9 kids invited came.  Those three were actually the only ones that called to let me know they were coming. What has happened to common courtesy?  I have goody bags all prepped and ready to go waiting for little girls that never came.  Of course I had to have them ready because you just never know who might turn up.  What with her brother and sister, E wasn't really disappointed and agreed with me that it was nicer with fewer kids because there was more room in the pool.

It wasn't particularly warm yesterday either so we didn't get in the pool at all.  Although they just about plagued my life out asking to go in saying they didn't mind if it was cold.  Yeah right.  Only E really stays in for any length of time, still shivering despite the warm sun so I can only imagine how cold she'd be if the day was overcast.

It's warm again today so here I sit by the poolside while they play.  This is peace indeed after the constant bickering and fighting of last week.  It's unbelievable how adding one more kid back into the daytime routine managed to throw us all for a loop.  E had been bossy and demanding and it's about time that her sisters started to stand up to her and tell her to back off.  I've been reading a new book and learning how to deal with their fights etc but that will be another post.  Still we are only on the first real day of warm pool weather.  I wonder how quickly the novelty of swimming will wear off and I will be back to having to referee them again.

However, I'm not going to borrow trouble.  Right now I am going to finish this post and get back to crocheting while I watch the kids play.

So as promised here are a few before and after pictures of our backyard.

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  1. What a difference that makes in your back yard! It's so pretty! I hope you get to enjoy it lots! Won't you ever get in the pool though? It looks like it would be really refreshing on a hot day!


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