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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recipe Tuesday - A Change

I know I haven't always been faithful to post up a recipe on Tuesday, a week often goes by that I do not think about it.  While I often have many good intentions, I just as often find myself uninspired and have to fall back on the good old stand bys.

This week; however, I am bypassing Recipe Tuesday here in order to announce a little project I have started with my daughter E, and rather than referring to her as E all the time I decided to call her Emma. 

That project being "Cooking With Emma"

In the interests of connecting more with my growing girl and in an attempt to find a fun way of encouraging her to read, I've decided to start a new blog documenting our cooking together.  We are going to be pouring over the cookbooks looking for delicious things to try and my only rule is that we have to eat what we make. Which is easier said than done. ;)

So if you have a moment please check out my Cooking with Emma site.


  1. What a sweet way to bond! I'll check out your new site.

  2. How Sweet! You lucky mama! I'm heading over there right now!



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