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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are you a Pocket Checker?

Are you a pocket checker? I am not.  I absolutely refuse to check pockets.  #1 because I am lazy and I find checking pockets tedious, #2, I don't relish getting lint and grit under my finger nails and lord knows what I might find and #3, my husband is a grown man and so should be fully capable of checking and emptying his own pockets BEFORE he throws it in the hamper. 

So... when your wife finds three long screws in the bottom of the washing machine let's just hope that there weren't four and that it's not damaging the insides in some hideous way.  That if the washing machine does break down, it will in no way be the wife's fault. 

Just remember ladies, the more you do the more he will LET you do. 


  1. Hil-AIR-ious! And I totally agree! Nice to know I'm not alone in refusing to "police the pockets" when you never know what you'll find! ;)

  2. I stopped checking pockets a long time ago...unless I think there's money in them. Then I'll check and put the money in MY wallet. His mistake for leaving it where I'd get my hands on it, right?

  3. i used to check his pockets before hauling the dirty clothes in the machine but once, he added one more jacket to it and i was away from the laundry areaat that time. next thing you know, all our clothes were covered in this itty bitty flecks of white tissues. aarrrghhhhh!! let's end in a positive note saying that he learnt his lesson well.

    really hoping there wasn't a fourth nail. *yikes*

    ~ash's mum
    (i'm following you..in a nice stalkerish way.)


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