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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kids make you smile

I wish I had a photo of this.  O had used his dollar he "earned" from our garage sale selling lemonade to buy himself a cheapo watergun.  I'll have to admit this water gun was cool because it had two barrels and a switch on the end to make the water spray in different directions.

So it was with great expectations that he took his water gun up to the beach to visit my folks.  Nana obligingly filled it up for him but then he was disappointed when we all told him not to shoot water at us.  (spoil sports I know). We then told him he could spray Papa's truck.  Which he enthusiastically did unknowing that his dad switched the nozzle so that it'd spray in all directions including straight back at the person who is spraying it. 

You cannot imagine the chuckles we all got out of it as my son would persist in spraying Papa's truck only every time to get sprayed in the face, which he would then startle back surprised, wipe his face and shoot again.  Did he lower his water gun so it'd spray his shirt? No.  Everytime it'd hit him straight in the face. This went on and on while we, the loving adults we are, howled. Really, who was the three year old in the bunch?

However, I was later able to see my son's mischievious side as I looked up to see him with his sister's, dorothy the dinosaur hat.  This is a sturdy hat made out of denim.  The little sneak was half ducked behind a log squirting his gun into her hat repeatedly and then I heard him say... "Here J" in a sing songy voice.  Well, that cracked us all up again as we pondered the pure sneakiness of the trick he had ready for his sister.  Unfortunately, his sister was busy playing in the sand and so was not interested in donning her hat.

It still makes me smile to think about it.   Of course this is probably be one of those moments when you had to be there to fully appreciate the joke but at least it makes me laugh.

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  1. I can just picture that with my boys now! LOL! All of them! Give a boy a water gun - and there will be joy all over the place (except for the one getting sprayed)! What a great mom-story!


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