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Sunday, July 11, 2010

1st Annual Blog Bash & A Little More Me

Blog Bash

I am participating in the Blog Bash being held over at Not Your Average Teen. It's sure to be a fun week of checking out other blogs and there is always the possibility of winning a prize.

To participate you need to head over and grab her Blog Bash button, read the rules and link up.

So here's a little more about me...

I am "Zeemaid" a mostly stay at home mom to three children aged 7, 4 and 3.  Since May when my video store sold I have become a full time stay at mom.  I pretty much had already considered myself to be a SAHM mom because I worked evenings. I spent the bulk of the day with the children while leaving only the last two hours of their day.  I haven't completely left the movie business though as my husband still owns his store in the community we just moved to.
I love to do many things but can't seem to find one particular thing that I am truly great at. I love to be creative whether it's coming up with something interesting for dinner or making some sort of crocheted blanket. I love to sing and I love to read. I really love to read. I devour books as fast as I get them. Funny coming from a video store owner but there it is.

I have been married to my wonderful husband for over 10 years. It's hard to believe it's been that long. I have to say I truly did marry my best friend and am happy to say that even three kids and 10 years later, we still never run out of things to talk about.

I am very much a living in the moment kind of gal. While I try not to do too much "drama", I do find myself succumbing to the if it's good, it's all good and if it's bad, it's all bad theory of thinking. I love my husband and kids 95% of the time the other 5% they plain old just drive me crazy. (To be honest that 95% is probably a little high)

Unbelievably I had become a blogger long before I ever knew what that term even meant.  When I was expecting my first child in 2003 I had begun chronicling an online journal hosted through geocities.  Sadly Geocities is no more so I had to download and save as much as I could.  Little did I knew that years later it would become such a big thing.  I really wanted to journal something about our lives, work out a little frustrations here and then, vent about my inlaws (I love them really) and then it gradually became this cool thing where I started connecting with other women out there and started to stumble upon all these amazing creative sites.

It's hard to believe that I have been blogging for over two years now.  At first I struggled to be consistent but the more I got into it the easier it became. I don't think I'm just a "mommy" blogger though because while I do talk about my kids I tend to talk about a lot of random other subjects like books, movies, craft projects and even recipes.  I even do the odd movie review. 

I really love blogging because it makes me feel so connected to other women out there. It's not just me struggling through the ups and downs of this chosen path. There are a lot of other women going through the sames things as I am. 

You may be curious about my chosen name, Zeemaid.  See I blog 100% anonymously which is why I don't post a lot of photos.  I really wanted this to be a place where I can say whatever I want without fear of reprisals from any relatives or friends that may stumble upon my site.  But why Zeemaid?  It's really simple.  I used to love playing Sims but got tired of making the little slobs pick up everything so I created a character to be in their house to do solely that.. clean.  She was, in fact... zee maid.  (get a little French accent going there) and voila (more French for you) it stuck.

One more unknown fact about me is that when I read to my kids, I often do it with foreign accents.  My kids think I'm crazy and often when a British accent slips out, E will ask me why I sound like Mary Poppins.  I just tell her I've been reading too much Jane Austen. 
So that's a little more about me.  If you'd like, click here to check out a few of my favourite posts to date. 

Thanks to Brittany over at Not Just Your Average Teen for hosting this blog bash and I can't wait to check out all of your blogs!


  1. I try to keep my blog anonymous too.. i have pictures but i dont share my blog with my family and friends.. hell they would know how i really felt about them HAH! anyway nice too meet yah!!

  2. I'm visiting from the blog bash.
    I'm following you, will you follow me too?

  3. Good to read a little more about you! You know, I had a feeling that's what Zeemaid meant! I don't know anything about the Sims game but I'm always asking the kids, "Who do you think I am...the maid??" Just not with the french accent!

  4. I'm loving ZeeMaid thing. If only I could get one of those for my house....hmmmm.

    I used to have an annonymous blog, but one day it got out, and it spread amongst my family like a disease (gee, that makes my blog sound really great, doesn't it?) and now there is no going back short of deletion. (which I'm not doing) so I resign myself to keeping some of the juicier stories in my head and off the internet.

    Book, movies and blogs-sounds like my list of favorites!

  5. I love your blog title! Reading in funny voices is something I do too.

    Stopping from the Bash! It was great to learn about your life.

  6. Hey, I love the name of your blog it's so original!! I'm your newest follower from Blog Bash!

  7. Stopping in from the blog bash!

    I used to be completely addicted to the Sims...just talking about them makes me want to go find my game!

    I blog somewhat anonymously...I don't use my family's real names and nobody I know in real life has a clue that I have been blogging for years.

  8. Coming over from the Blog Bash - thanks for sharing your ideas about blogging.


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