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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Money Money Money....

must be funny.  In a rich man's world.  

Can you guess the theme of today's blog?  Could it possibly be about money?  You know things are tight when I'm prowling around the house trying to think of ideas of things I can easily make and sell.  Just when I think I've hit upon a great idea, I do a little search and bam someone else has not only already done it but done it much better than I ever could. 

Making money online is not an easy task.  First, there's the home life.  It's hard to even find uninterrupted time to get this ol blog typed out.  I'm the kind of person that doesn't like to be interrupted five times just to complete a sentence. Hence my book idea is not going so well.  That and the fact that I've become ridiculously addicted to blogging and read other people's blogs.  

Secondly, there's the idea.  Don't you just love those shows where they talk about the mom who came up with one simple idea and suddenly they are on Oprah.  Okay, maybe it wasn't an overnight success but they did work their way up to making the big bucks.  They had an amazing idea and took the risk to make it big.  I'm not the risk taker type.  I'm more of the type those things always happen to other people, not me type. 

Thirdly, there's promoting the idea and that costs more money, not only to make the  item but also to market it.  Blogs are great for promoting but I'm still working on readership.  

I even have tried one paid to post blog but had my article has been rejected twice now.  I'm crossing my fingers for the third submission.  While they assured me my post was well written etc... I did not meet their guidelines.  Can I just say their guidelines are not all that clear in the first place.   Then because I don't have a high enough google tack rating I'm not qualified for any of the better pay opportunities or even of anything I'd actually want to talk about.   While I'd like to make some money, I do have some integrity and really can only post about things I'm actually interested in.  The shoe post was easy because a) who doesn't love shoes and b) I had personal experience.  It doesn't get any easier than that.   But am I going to put up a plastic surgery link when I have no interest in it? No way. 

I could, of course, go back to working as a legal assistant full time and then really be raking in the money.  Of course, I'd probably have to pay about at least half of that to childcare and still struggle to spend time with the kids, clean the house etc, find time for me.  

Money is also always a big bone of contention in your relationships as well.  Every time I stop to look at the money situation.. it depresses me and makes me resentful for some of the choices hubby has made.  Again, it's also easy to blame hubby because I was around for those choices I was just too hesitant about actually putting up some opposition.   For full background see It's All About Me.   (money borrowed to buy business was taken against equity in home).  What if, after all, I was wrong? What? Me wrong?  NEVER!  Still when one of you feel that this is the course of action you need to take and the other is unsure... how do you resolve it?  You can't ever really fully resolve it unless you both suddenly come to the same agreement. 

But I digress.  What else is new, hmm?

I have come up with one kind of nifty idea.  My husband raves about it.  It's easy to make and it's cheap to make.  I can't mention the idea at the moment because hubby feels sure that I should patent it or something (I have my own doubts about that) cause it's not like it's a brand new invention.. just a different way of doing something.  I wanted to do it as my giveaway but hubby wants me to develop my idea more and  look into a name for it first. :) 

In whatever I do though, I want the things that I make to be affordable for regular people.  One idea I had was making felt food (it's so cute). That is one idea: however, that's all over the web, not only for patterns but to sell it.  Do you know it costs $4.00 for one (1) slice of bacon and $20.00 for a pizza set?

Okay, I know it takes time and money to make these things (and they are adorable and really well made)  but regular people like myself who are on a budget can't afford to pay $20.00 for one thing for felt food.  If I was going to get a whole set of felt food.. yeah I'd fork out $20.00.  So I'm gonna make my own which I suspect is what most regular people end up doing. 


  1. Your story is not so uncommon. Hang in there!

  2. I think I could have written this! Well, not as nicely but it's like you have a little camera inside my head...

    Persevere, persevere... and hurry up and find a name for your thing-a-ma-jiggy!! I'm dying of curiosity over here!!!

  3. I think it's great that you have something in mind.
    Keep your chin up, don't give up :)

    clicky, clicky...

    Have you tried entrecard?
    Takes some of your time but you can get free advertising.

  4. I'm sorry, we are living the same life!


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