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Friday, March 27, 2009

And we're back

Actually we were back yesterday evening but what with greeting the kids and unpacking we had to do there wasn't much time to go online. Besides now that we are back I can actually take the time and put down a more coherent post about what we did over our days away. My previous posts having been jotted down here and there taking advantage of the fact that hubby was in the loo etc.

Things did seem to be going wrong for our start on Tuesday. My husband heard some bad news about one of his employees on Monday evening. When he had come home from work it was with the news that he suspected she had been stealing from him. Well by Monday night it was confirmed by many, many of his customers. They had all come in verifying that yes they had rented such and such a movie and yes they had paid CASH. Of course, those movies never showed as being rented. K thinks this may have been going on the entire 3 weeks she's worked for him and could account why his sales are so much lower this month than last year. He was originally thinking it was the whole recession thing.

So that was problem #1. Our getaway was almost cancelled except his number 1 employee volunteered to work her shifts while we were gone so we could still go. Very gracious and generous of her. Don't worry we always reward her for her efforts!

Problem #2, out babysitter's car had a flat tire and she lives an hour away. Fortunately she got a ride and it all worked out.

We arrived at the B&B around 5:30 and were graciously greeted by our hosts. We had never been to a B&B before so were not sure what to expect. This couple was absolutely lovely. About 15 years older than us at the very least. They invited us in to sit down in their dining room, the common area for guests, chatted with us about our plans and getting hints I think to figure out how to best accommodate us.

Mr. Host hen showed us to our room and it was exactly like the pictures. The B&B was a Victorian heritage style home and our suite was on the 2nd floor. There were glass door knobs on every door and lovely little built in shelves. We had a gas fireplace in the bedroom, lovely decor and a high def, flat panel t.v. in the sitting room. There was even a desk to sit our laptop on and complimentary WIFI service. To top it off we had a lovely jacuzzi jetted tub in the bathroom. Course, we didn't have much time for tubbing but I did manage to squeeze one tub in. I think I posted already about my bubble incident. *l*

(I didn't actually take a picture of our breakfast. This was on their webpage. It did look exactly like this, except the food was a little different)

We went out to the pub the first night, had a lovely time. Managed to see the Canucks score their 5 goal in the last 30 seconds and enjoyed bourbon wings with blue cheese sauce. Now, I have never had blue cheese before. Just the name of it generally makes me green. Besides in my waitress days, blue cheese dressing always stunk to high heaven and those little blue bits in it, don't get me started. However, I dipped my wing into this sauce having forgotten what it was and was, I have to admit, pleasantly surprised. It tasted like creamy butter. Now adding butter to chicken.... how much better can you get than that? Umm of course, we ate very sensibly.

I believe I've already covered day two... spending the day at the beach, shopping etc.

When we got back to our suite, we found that our hosts had left us the sweetest little bottle of champagne with champagne glasses and chocolates for our "pre-anniversary". Have I mentioned what a lovely couple they are?

We went out for dinner, had several drinks. Were a little disappointed that the seafood restaurant that we were at didn't serve very much in the way of shellfish like crab and lobster but we did enjoy a very delicious steak and some sweet and spicy mussels. We took a little walk along the seawall to walk off our drinks before we headed home. I did not think it would make a great ending to our date to have hubby pulled over and charged with DUI.

One particularly strange thing we saw was this humongous seagull trying to eat an eel. Hubby asks where did he get the eel (We could see it dangling and dancing out of the seagulls beak). I'm like looking at the ocean beside going.. hmm I wonder where he could possibly have gotten the eel. like DUH.

It was the grossest thing. K thought at first that maybe it was a snake and I'm like if there was a snake out there that big and that fat then I was out of there. I have this amazing fear of snakes and all things snake like. So, of course, he had to try and get closer but the smart bird kept his distance. After all, maybe this human wanted to a piece. Bleh.

Thursday, we said goodbye to our lovely hosts and made out way home stopping off at various shops along the way. Unfortunately, we could only really be browsers money not being too flush, but it was still fun.

We made it home and our children were ecstatic to see us, except E, of course. As soon as we walked in the door she said "awww. I was going to do something special with L". I knew it. I knew no matter how much she missed us if she was into a particular game at the moment she'd still be disappointed to see us. And apparently she'd been crabby all day asking for us and she's the oldest. J did fess up later that she spent some time on the couch crying because she missed us. O gave us the coldest reception of all, partly because Papa had popped downstairs and partly I think because he was mad at us for being away.

So although I think our kids did fairly well (L thought so too) without us for three days, I can see that that was really their limit and can only imagine how much harder it would have been for the babysitter had we gone and done what we had originally planned to do in the summer... be gone for an entire week.

So we came back rested and somewhat relaxed but I could feel the closer down the highway we came to being home the more the stress came back. I could tell that K was thinking about work and how much over time he's going to have to work to make up for the employee who stole from him. Of course, we were wondering how the offer went on the Duplex but we hadn't heard any more from the inlaws.

The rest didn't last long because although O slept through the night for L, he insisted on being up from 2:30 to 4:30 last night, soaked his bed, had a poop and required no less than 3 BABAS (bottles) to go back to sleep. I was hopping mad the last time so the little monster got a good swift swat on the butt (no I don't beat my kids, it was a light one). You see while he was up the last time, he turned on the t.v. all the lights in the girls bedroom, waking them up, he was in the fridge etc.... so he needed to get the message that it was not okay to keep getting up and do those things.

So I was never so tired than this morning. Plus my low back is out. The bed was really soft at the B&B and while I slept really well, I think I slept a little too well. My back is used to me having to get up at night so I'm always in a different position. Too long in one position always makes my back ache. So I'm really feeling it tonight every time I bend down to get a movie for a customer.

As for the duplex... it turns out someone else beat us to making an offer and that offer was so good that the sellers didn't want to look at anything else. So we're back to square one. We were a little disappointed especially as our realtor hadn't called to schedule a showing for these people he was "sure" would be interested in our home at the new lower price. But we did get a call today booking a showing for someone else on Monday. So all is not totally lost.

Anyways, I think I made this post way too long. I hope it was actually interesting enough to hang in there to the end. Thanks to all who posted me wishing us a good time away etc. Now it's time for me to try and get caught up on MY blog reading.


  1. We missed you while you were gone! Glad you had fun and are safely home :0

  2. I didn't even know you were gone! Ugh! Well, here's to us both coming home safely and enjoying our vacations! :-) The B&B looks amazing! I'm going to read your other posts now... I've got a lot of catching up to do, too! LOL

  3. Your trip away sounds like it was amazing!! Exactly what the dr ordered, right?!

    That really sucks about your husband's employee who was stealing money from him. UGH!! Sorry about the duplex...hopefully another opportunity will present itself soon!

  4. Also wanted to add that I passed on an award to you on my blog!


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