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Monday, March 9, 2009

How to Torture your Husband part Deux

Well not much has happened this weekend, I have got two sick children on my hands and we woke to snow this morning so I think I will continue on with Friday's theme.   Part one is here

Trick #3:  When your husband is talking, you randomly throw in 

                  "so what you're saying is ... you think I'm fat?"

Trick #4:  Replace their shaving cream with something fruity and girly smelly telling them the regular stuff was all out at the store.   Do the same with the shampoo. 

Trick #5:  ask them "I hope you don't mind I used your razor to shave my legs." 

Trick #6:  blot your lipstick on their collar and then confront them with the "evidence".  

Trick #7:  take their car out and don't gas up.  

Trick #8:  talk him into painting his nails along with the girl and suddenly "discover" that you are all out of nail polish remover. 

Trick #9:  get into the bedroom before him at night, turn lights off crawl into bed and lie very flat so it looks like you're not in bed.  When he comes in and goes towards the bed, jump out.  

It should be noted that I have not played all of these tricks on my poor unsuspecting husband. 

One time I do remember though... we had this closet you walked through into the bathroom and one time while he was in the bathroom doing his thing... I hid in the closet behind some luggage so when he came back through to go into our room I jumped out and scared the heck out of him.  I just about howled for 10 minutes on that one.   Course we didn't have children then.   I am, of course, much more mature now.  Ahem ;)


  1. Oh my! You are a woman after my own heart. Popping out of closets and scaring the sh*t out of my husband (and now my children) is like an Olympic sport in our house.

    You made me laugh out loud just thinking of your poor husband : )

  2. Thanks for the tips! I think my hubby could use a little torture;0)

    I stopped by from SITS!

  3. I like the shaving cream one, though I have a feeling my hubby would just like it more. He's metro that way.

  4. Let's be BFF's already. ROTFL!

  5. These ideas are awesome (and made me laugh out loud)! and I'm just vicious enough to try some of them out *cough* hehehe thanks for the tips!


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