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Monday, March 16, 2009

And then reality sets in...

So after my high of Saturday, Sunday could only be a big let down.  I had let hubby sleep in on Saturday so I felt I was entitled to sleep in on Sunday.  Well, I did amid frequent angry outbursts and yelling of the children and at the children.  Unfortunately, our bedroom is right by the living room.  Then someone stood on daddy's computer and managed to muck up whatever it was he was doing.  

Daddy had started to go a little ballistic because O had pooped in the tub and he had to clean it and the bath toys.  He had left his computer on the couch only to come out and find someone (I hadn't figured out who) stepping on the keyboard.  (while daddy lost what he was working on, the computer did make it)

Hearing all this I stumbled out of bed to help.  Course, having asked hubby to CALM down, he didn't appreciate my patient reminder that it was, after all, him who left the keyboard on the couch, which he then goes into a lengthy rant about how he had to clean up poop out of the tub etc. 

Now I get it.   It's annoying.  I probably would have been highly annoyed myself but the question is... why are you working on your computer and bathing kids at the same time?  They need you, they are going to call for you frequently so why do you suddenly decide this is a good time to look up work stuff?  Does that really make sense?  The second question is, could it not have waited until I had gotten up?

I have learned that it does not pay to get totally absorbed into things while the kids up be it a tv show or a book or the computer because you get really annoyed when you're interrupted.  I've learned this. Why can't he? 

So I'm thinking great, we're back to impatient dad mode and it hit me how much I missed my husband.  My non stressed out husband.  I had forgotten what it was like.  You get so used to living in the stress that you think life is always like that.  You forget that there was a time when you weren't grumpy at everything.  You  don't realize how much of a personality change you can go through when you are stressed. 

So how do we fix it?  I really don't know.  We need to get our house sold.  If we don't sell the house, we need to rearrange things so we're more comfortable in this space.  We need to find out once and for all whether we're moving our store (waiting on lease approval). 

Our 10th anniversary is coming up this summer and I've been thinking maybe rather than waiting until July, we'd take a couple of days now to get away.  Because right now we have a friend willing to look after the kids for a couple of days, in July she might have a job and why put it off for 4 months when we need to get away now.  So much for the whole going on a big trip but a) we really can't afford it and b) it's a big favour to ask people to look after your  kids for a whole week.  

Anyways, we still had the pizza and it turned out great.  The kids did enjoy rolling out the dough and pounding it, saucing and cheesing it.  Course we turn around to find them eating more of the cheese than we actually see them putting it on their pizza but that's the whole fun of it right?  K, it turns out still have the knack for tossing and forming the dough.  I forgot to take pictures though, can you believe it.  K's parent's, of course, raved about how wonderful the pizza was.  

Still, this is not how I pictured the post going today. I really had better hopes for it.   Added to that now I am the one fighting the cold.  My daughter has assured me that she is going to take care of me but so far I've had to get her breakfast, two snacks and a drink so we shall see how that goes. 


  1. Don't hold your breath. I think the kids need to be at least 14 before they can really take care of anything for you when you're sick. Not what you wanted to hear, right?

    I think you should definitely get away now if you can -- don't wait for the anniversay! When an opportunity presents itself -- grab it!!

  2. I actually didn't expect them to take care of me.. I was just pointing out the inconsistencies. As much as I would love to be able to crawl back into bed, I certainly don't expect or trust my 5 year old to handle it without me. :)

  3. Why must all kids do that in the tub at some time or another? Is it some sort of milestone??


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