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Friday, January 29, 2010

We're almost in.........

What an incredibly long day.  Things went right, things went wrong.

First the movers showed up in a teensy truck.  The same size truck that they used to move K's parent's the day before.  Did they not realize that we have twice the amount of stuff?  Was that not why we had a sales rep come through ou house and give us an estimate.  They ended up having to get another cube van from the office and after 7 hours of loading up the trucks they ended up having to leave the kids' play structure behind.  They have assured us that they will go back for it tomorrow before they come to the new house.  I sure hope so.

The sad thing was that E ended up being sick.  She had been fighting a cough/cold all week but I figured why pull her out when it's her last day of school.  Well bad mommy got called to the office at lunch time today because she had a fever.  Great.  Don't I feel like world's greatest mom.  So she managed to say goodbye to her teacher and the couple of kids that were around and we left.  I felt so bad, I had this sick and shivery kid and the only thing we had to go back to was an empty house with no blankets, no medicine, nothing.  I had to make a quick trip to the pharmacy to grab her some advil and it's on the way home that I realize that I'm about to get a visitor.  AFTER I've already been the pharmacy, AFTER I've driven home to find O going commando because he peed his pullup so much that it leaked. 

Then after much waiting for the movers to finish figuring out how to get it all in, which they couldn't, we finally got to go. I packed up the kids and headed to my mom's only to get 3/4 of the way there and realize that not only did I forget the medicine for E but I also forgot my purse.  I am now driving license less.  This in the same place that I was stopped in a police license check sweep just the weekend before. 

Okay that's not all so bad.  Just minor things in the day.  It could be worse.  It is going to cost us more for the move than we had bargained on.  I think the lady under estimated our move. 

We made it to the new house without any further hiccups only to find that they didn't clean it.  We just spe nt hours cleaning our house to near perfect condition and we get to move into a dirty house and I mean these people were dirty.  We have to go back tomorrow and clean, clean, clean.  My hands are so dry from cleaning they are getting craters.

Still we have a new house.  It's exciting and apart from the dirt factor, the fact that they left a rusty bike and bags of garbage in the shed... it's still just as nice as we had thought originally and I think once we fix up the paint and floors etc it is going to be real nice. 

Tomorrow is when the movers come and it's going to be a real long day.  My mom has now opted to keep the girls over two nights so we have all day tomorrow to get set up.

I better log off now though because we're trying to get to sleep in a strange place. 

Stay tuned............

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  1. I'm glad you got moved ok. It stinks that you have to do so much cleaning but it will look so nice when you're done.


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