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Monday, January 25, 2010

This is the part of a move that I dislike the most.  The part where you have 98% of your stuff packed and ready to go and there is still that other 2% left kicking around that you can't pack because you just might need it.  Case and point, I picked up pizza at the grocery store only to remember that I packed all my cookie sheets and the one I left out was half the size.  Handy for everyday stuff but not big enough to cook a medium pizza on.  I had to cut it and cook it in two.  

My inlaws on the other hand have everything packed and I mean everything.  They are living out of boxes.  They don't have 3 little munchkins digging into the boxes every time you turn around.  I can't just leave open boxes of food or dishes sitting on the floor and I don't have the counter space either.  While this is not going to be gourmet week (most of my spices are packed), my children will rebel if I feed them soup or KD every night.  That leaves me to clean the tops of the cupboards today.  Oh joy. 

My parents offered to take the girls overnight on Friday and bring them to the new house on Saturday and help us with unpacking.  I am so relieved.  We were going to have to take them and I was going to have to say in the hotel with them while Kevin supervised the movers.  This way we can drop O off at the inlaws Sat morning and we can both be at the house.  

I am so excited but a little anxious that everything is going to work out okay with the money.  We have it all worked out in our heads but you know how it is with the number crunchers, they always seem to come up with something different. 

Well it's back to packing. 

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  1. Hi there,

    I am your newest follower and wanted to thank you for visiting my blog!!! Blogger is so confusing sometimes and I can never figure out how they arrange the followers list!

    We moved almost a year ago and it was hellish. Moving with wee ones is that much harder, so I empathize. It will all be over before you know it---and then you'll be able to cook a pizza the normal way!

    Good luck!


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