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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top Ten Thursday - 10 Reason Why I love LOTR

Okay this is definitely a situational inspired list this week.  We took a break from packing and had a urge to put our feet up and watch television.  Of course, there is very little on t.v. at night and so after some digging because Id already packed the DVD's, came across the LOTR Return of the King, deluxe extended edition of course,  so we popped it in.

10 Reasons Why I love the Lord of the Rings

1.  Never have I a seen such an amazing adaptation from the book to film.  Sure it's not perfect, sure they left out lots of good stuff but hey the movie's over 6  hours long, can you imagine if they left everything in?

2.  It's Six hours long.  Is that a detraction from the film?   Not for me.  I absolutely love that there is so much to see and there is always something more to come.  It's one of those films that you could go on watching forever.

3.  Viggo Mortenson.  Really, need I say more?  What woman has not pictured herself as Lady Arwen and in Aragorn's arms?  I had never heard of the man until this movie.  Thank you to whoever cast him in this film.

4.  There are not one but two love stories woven through this story.  As I telll my husband, he loves it for the action, I love it for the story. Now those of you who haven't read the books are only aware of Aragorn and Arwen's love story but for those of you who have read the books also know about Lady Eowyn and Faramir. If you own the extended version of the Return of the King there are some additional scenes that give you a hint of the love story between them.

5.  I cannot find any fault with the dialogue.  It's not cheesy in any way. Remember the Titanic?  Loved the film but I cringe every time over some of the dialogue.  I am all about good dialogue.

6.  I love the Elves.  The way they are depicted in this story make them more real, more believable.  They are lifted to a whole other level from the usual fairy tale elves that are often portrayed as more mischievious than etherial.  I'd have to say that same goes for all the other races like the Hobbits and Dwarves.  It's all just so fascinating.

7.  The scenery in the filming of it is breathtaking.  It is amazing how they brought the scenes and events of the book to life.  They did such a wonderful job bringing the Shire and Rohan to life.  Gondor I believe is mostly blue screens.  Still it makes me want to travel to New Zealand.

8.   I love that it just doesn't end with the movie, that I was able to go out and buy the books and learn more about what happened to these people.  I also discovered and read the Hobbit which I absolutely hope that they make a movie out of it.

9.  It made me cry but it also made me laugh.  Some parts of the story are so poignant and touching like when Boromir died and yet there are so many funny little barbs through the movie that it helps relieve some of the built up tension.

10. Good triumphs evil and they did it without killing off the main character. Although in the end Frodo doesn't enjoy his life the way he would have if it all had never happened, he was altered forever by his experiences and so goes off to the Grey Havens.  Which gives the film just that little bittersweet end.

Okay, I've now outed myself as one complete dork.  Don't worry I don't dress up like an elf and dance around the house or anything... well not until I get the dress.  ;)

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  1. Great list!

    For some reason, Hubs and I quote "Toss me, toss me...but don't tell the elf." all the time. We're weird like that.

  2. I heart LOTR. I didn't read it until my senior year in college. First the guy I was dating talked about it, when he heard about the movie. All of a sudden this frat boy (don't judege me) was eloquent and passionate . . . and over a book. Then I met The Husband and started dating him, and he acted the very same way. I was like, wow, I've got to read these books. The Husband bought them for me for Christmas, and I fell in love. We have all three extended versions. We even had a whole marathon. Nerds unite!

  3. The Lord of the Rings are my favorite movies. (The EEs are the only way to watch them.) Love them. Like Faemom, we've done the marathon a few times.

    And I too have read the books, and The Hobbit, all because of these movies.

    I agree with your list. Except I'm a Legolas girl. :-) I'm dying to go to New Zealand. It's one of my biggest dreams in life.

    Oh, and they should start filming The Hobbit this year. Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens are producers. Guillermo Del Toro is directing.

  4. I am so glad I am not the only "dork" out there. I am so happy they are finally filming the hobbit although I will be sad not to see Aragorn and all them because they don't play a part in this story.

    I keep telling hubs we need to take our movies out with us one time to a hotel and just stay in bed watching them for 9 + hours. What with kids and all we only end up seeing them in 1 hour increments or so. plus we have to keep watching movies for work... shoot. ;)

  5. I think I have you to thank/blame for the strange Viggo Mortensen/Orlando Bloom dream I had last night.

    I was in a hotel and apparently there was some sort of celebrity party going on. Viggo, who was shorter than me in the dream (I'm 5'0"), immediately declared that I was the girl for him and stayed practically glued to me the whole time, rubbing on me with his hands.

    I on the other hand had no interest in him and was desperate to find Orlando. But he was in a big room in the hotel somewhere and they wouldn't let me in because I'm a nobody. They even had a group of women sing to me that I'm a nobody. lol Weird.


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