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Saturday, November 14, 2009

YVR - A Place To Go

I was recently contacted by Rebecca Irani from Vancouver International Airport and asked if I wanted to have a tour of their New Public Observation area. While I was unable to take her up on her lovely offer since I don't actually live in Vancouver, I certainly had no objection in letting others in the area know about something different that they they can do with their children.

How much fun would it be to hop on a train and head out to watch the planes take off? Besides there are lots of other fun things to see and do.

Check it out at YVR Observation Area

In the Mommy Trenches


  1. Sounds like a lovely thing to do!

  2. I grew up near Vancouver and loved going to the aquarium as a kid (I'm from WA state)! It's such a cool, eclectic city with crazy drivers.

    By the way, if you ever want to order Scentsy, I'll give you 10% off your first purchase. I can't do the discount online, so you can order & I'll send you refund or you can email your order & I'll place it minus the 10% for you!

  3. That actually does sound like a very cool thing to do!!!

    I love the snowman theme you got going on!


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