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Friday, November 13, 2009

Thank you Unknown Dad

I must extend my thanks to you oh unknown dad. I may have never spoken to you and only seen you three times at my daughters school, you have made my day oh somewhat more enjoyable just for having seen you.

When I first saw you it was on the designated school Halloween dress up day. So you must forgive me for mentally giving you kudos for your school spirit in dressing up. Imagine to my surprise when I discovered that this was no mere costume but your regular wardrobe. Instead my kudos must go to you for daring to be you.

I don't know what I love best from your erect posture as you strut around the school, to your rather large gold glasses that you wear (is that hint of lilac tinge I see in them?) to the many gold and jewelled rings that deck every finger of both your hands to your electric purple wool sports coat you donned for us today. A look I can only put down to Austin Powers meets Elvis.

I learned that you are a car salesman. Enough said.

I simply cannot hide my smile when you grace our lowly presence and you took what was a somewhat miserable morning and lifted it to a whole other level. It was with a rather lift in my step that I walked back to my van this morning as I contemplated you in all your glory.

So thank you unknown dad for helping me forget that I was feeling off and having one of my dizzy days. You may just have cured me of my dizziness today as I have not had a dizzy spell since. I look forward to many more encounters with you upon our school ground. I just hope I can keep my smile from becoming too broad.

Yours truly,

an unknown Mom

*I have been assured by other school moms that while this dad dresses somewhat eccentrically for his age, indeed for any age, that he really is a nice man and not sleazy or slimy at all despite all outside appearances. I wish I had a picture of him because it really is too hard to describe his look. It makes me giggle every time I see him.


  1. Love it! I wonder what his kids think?!

  2. I have a flamboyant Elton John in my mind!

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  4. Thank God for eccentric people. They make our days better.


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