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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - Why I shouldn't Have another Baby

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So I thought I was done. I mean done done. This womb is closed for business. My milk supply is in a permanent drought. Especially after my last delivery of O. Some of you have heard about that. That was, however, 2 1/2 years ago and now there are people all around me or so it would seem having babies. One mom of a girl in E's class just had her 7th, yes 7th baby and he is just so sweet. sigh.

I know I've mentioned this subject before but lately it's just been ever present on my mind. It makes me sad to think I might never have another child. So I thought this week's top ten would be the

Top Ten Reasons Why I shouldn't Have Another Baby

1. I hate pain. I spend the last 3 months stressing over how awful labor is going to be. There are no pain free guarantees except schedule c sections.

2. We have three kids already. Three should be enough. We are already busy busy busy.

3. Financially - we are just getting by the way we are. A third child would strain those already slim finances.

4. We are this close (holds fingers an inch apart) to being rid of diapers... for good... freeing up extra cash. *doing happy dance*

5. We are out of naps. No more hold up of the schedule for one child to be at home sleeping. My babies always liked their own beds.

6. Travel is easier without babies. My babies never slept well in a strange bed/place. O is big enough to actually fall asleep in a hotel bed or campter.

7. I developed FIST or FIRST disease with my last pregnancy. Serious life risks to mom and baby.

8. My mom would have a cow. Not my major deciding factor but still there it is.

9. I am 2 years away from 40. I know lots of women have baby in their later years but it doesn't strike me as something I want to be doing personally. Unfortunately I started having babies late.

10. My babies were born at 8, 10 and 12 pounds. Do you see a pattern there. There is no way I'm going to be the woman on t.v. for having delivered a 14 pound baby naturally. Yiii.

I actually thought it might have been difficult to come up with 10 reasons but there they are. That alone should tell me something.

Want to play along? Join in by grabbing the button off the side bar, posting it on your site along with your Top Ten Reasons. You can use my prompt or one of your own. Then come back here and link up so we can come and check out your lists.

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  1. Ok, 14 pounds would split you in half!

  2. I stopped at 3 too but could have 12!!

  3. Those are all perfectly good reasons why you shouldn't have another baby! Could you imagine a 14-lb baby....good Lord!!!

  4. LOL
    Right now, I'm thinking after this one I'm done. Remind me in a year and half when the baby doesn't want to cuddle anymore.
    Maybe you should get a puppy.


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