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Friday, November 27, 2009

Looking for a Good Movie or maybe a house?

Wow, I just sent off two very long emails to people that I've been meaning to get in touch with for a while now. It seems crazy that I spend so much time blogging and reading other blogs on top of all the rest of the things that I do at home that I forget to take time out and actually write a letter to friends.

Although I have been a bit neglectful of my blog lately as we've had three house showings since
Saturday and a lot of time and effort has to go into maintaining a pristine look for these events.

Yes, we are still trying to sell our house. Although we have said that if we don't sell by the end of November, we are going to take the house off the market and try again in the New Year. We don't want the hassle of showing the house with all it's Christmas decorations over Christmas.

The showing last night seemed to go well. The people were very enthusiastic and really seemed to like the house. This was through their realtor talking or my inlaws. They wanted to see the house between 7 and 8 pm. They didn't get there right away so we have no idea how long they were in the house but we had to nudge them out at 8:10. My kids were desperately begging to go home and go to bed (I know, you can envy me right now, my kids go to bed at 7 ;). We only agreed to that time because Friday is an extra day off for E.

Anyways, we shall see. Time will tell.

Not to mention I have a lot of work work on my plate. Someone K knows used to put movies to rent in conveniences stores on the island here. Well he's got boxes and boxes of movies that he was going to toss in the dump. K said why do that, bring it to me and I'll sell them.

So he did. 2,000 plus previously viewed movies. 1,100.00 of those are sitting in my house waiting for me to sort, post on Amazon and take the doubles to my store. As this is the shopping season, it makes sense to spend as much time as possible getting them online so we can take advantage of the shopping window.

So any of you... if there's a movie out there that you've been trying to find... let me know. I just might have it and the prices are cheap, cheap, cheap. ;)

So even crafts have had to put aside while I do this. I can't remember if I actually posted about the Christmas cards I made to sell in K's store. I haven't sold one. Not a one. Sigh. They are so cute too. The only upside is that I can use them myself if they don't sell. No waste there.

My MIL did ask me to make 15 for her because she thought they were so pretty. She is always supportive of anything crafty I do and is always ready and willing to gush over my projects and make me feel like I'm the most talented person in the world. 

Still it would be nice if people, other than friends, bought them.

Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. 2000 movies! Holy cow! No wonder you're busy.

  2. Wow, 2000 movies...and he was just gonna toss them??? I'm glad you were able to put them to good use!!

    My mom and your mom sound so similar...my mom is also less than enthusiastic about anything I do. Everyone loved my turkey at Thanksgiving and raved about it...but my mom, through gritted teeth, said "Yeah, it was okay".

  3. Wow. That's an organizing fiend's dream come true! LOL! :-)


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